Import your mail into Gmail in 3 steps

POP was once the standard protocol for receiving mail. The disadvantage of POP is that mails and folders are not synchronized between devices. For that reason, mail services such as Gmail are useful, because you can access your mail anytime and anywhere. You can easily import your POP account into Gmail.

Step 1: Collect data

It's easy to configure Gmail to get mail from your POP account. For this you need the login details of your mail: username, password, and the server for incoming mail. If you have lost this data, you can request it from the provider with whom you registered your mail account. Also read: 17 tips to manage your email with Inbox by Gmail.

Step 2: Configure Account

Open Gmail in your browser and sign in. Now click the gear icon at the top right and then Institutions, tab Accounts and Import. Click on the option Add your own POP3 mail account. Enter the e-mail address from which you want to retrieve the e-mail and click on Next step. Then you need to enter the username, password and POP server (server for incoming mail). If your provider mentions a specific port with the POP server, you can enter this as port, if not you can leave the default setting.

We recommend that you uncheck Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server, because then you run the risk that your server will fill up with mail (and now that you use Gmail, you can still access your retrieved mail from anywhere). Optionally, you can choose to immediately attach a label to the emails from this account, so that you can easily recognize the email. click on Add Account to complete the import of your account.

Step 3: Send via your POP address

The mail from your POP account is now automatically fetched by Gmail, but when you send mail, you still do it via your Gmail address. Do you also want to be able to send via your POP address? Then go back to the tab Accounts and Import and this time click Add another email address of yours at the cup Send mail as.

Enter the name you want to display as the sender and your (POP) address. You now need to enter a username, password (and if specified) a port of the outgoing mail server (SMTP), after which you click Add Account. Now you can send mail from your 'old' email address without any problems, but via Gmail.

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