Turn any photo into a work of art with Prisma for Android and iOS

Tired of seeing the same filters over and over? In this article we discuss Prisma, a photo app that is slightly different from Instagram and all other popular apps.

Instagram and the like are great for adding filters to your photos, but after a while you've kind of got used to it and want to look for something else. Prisma is a fun app with all kinds of new filters for your photos. Also read: 22 tips to get the most out of Instagram.

There is now an iOS version and an Android version of Prisma available. Be careful when downloading, because there are also apps from developers other than Prisma Labs Inc. who have an app of the same name.

With Prisma you can directly use your camera, or edit photos from your camera roll. Prisma automatically crops any photos you take, so it's better to take a full-size photo first and then edit it with Prisma.

Apply filters

Prisma makes it very easy to apply filters to your photos to make them look beautiful, fun and interesting. You just have to scroll through the different options to see the result.

You can also choose how strongly a filter should be applied, so that you can get a softer effect.

Edit and share

A Prisma watermark is automatically added to your photo. If you don't want this, you can easily disable the option.

Prisma's filters work especially well with photos that aren't too crowded. Just experiment and make something beautiful out of it.

When you're done editing your photo, you can save it to your camera roll and easily share it to Instagram or Facebook.

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