This is how you arrange line numbers in Word

When collaborating on a Word document, it can be helpful to add line numbers to the text so that you can easily refer to lines you want to draw attention to. You can hide this numbering again when the document is ready for use.

Step 1: Numbering

In an open Word document you can see in the tab Layout the button Line numbers. By default it is set to No. Do you choose Continuous, then Word starts numbering from the first line and also numbers the blank lines. In long texts, the numbering can therefore increase considerably. Choose in the drop-down menu for Start every page again or Start each section over, then it becomes a bit clearer, because every page or section starts with line 1. With the option Suppress for current paragraph Word will skip the paragraph where the mouse pointers are when it starts numbering the lines.

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Step 2: Count per

At the bottom of the drop-down menu Line numbers you will find the function Line number options. This will take you to the window Page settings justly. Click on the button at the bottom right Line numbers to indicate at which number the numbering should start. Here you also determine – to the nearest millimeter – the distance from the numbers to the beginning of the text. The option is also interesting Counting per. For example, if you have the value 5 input, not every line will be numbered, but only the fifth, tenth, fifteenth and so on.

Step 3: Styles

By default, the numbering has the same style as the regular text, but you can change this. In the tab Start click in the bottom right of the group Styles on the small arrow pointing downwards. In the panel that opens, click the button at the bottom right Options so you have a box at the top Select styles to display gets to see. Choose that All styles and click OK. This will make the part Line numbers visible. Through Change style you can now register a different font, font size or color.

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