Phototag: Greetings from...

You can let others know where you are by, for example, checking in or sending a message. Wouldn't it be much nicer if you can not only tell where you are, but also show how nice it is there? You can do that from now on with Phototag.

Price: Free (temporary)

Available for: Windows Phone 8

Download Phototag from the Windows Store

7 Score 70
  • Pros
  • Nice addition to photos
  • Various tags
  • Negatives
  • Determining location takes a while

Phototag is an app for Windows Phone that allows you to tag photos on which, for example, location, weather, date and time are displayed. You can then share the photo via, for example, social media to show others where you are and what you are doing there.

When you start with Phototag, the app will first try to retrieve your location in order to compose the tag for the photo. It's a shame that the app has to fetch your location every time you start it, because this will quickly cost you a few valuable seconds. When the location has been found, you can immediately take a photo and add one of the available tags afterwards. The tags vary from sleek designations with the city name on it to playful texts, where, for example, a large 'Greetings' with your location below is placed on the photo. This offers enough variation for the time being to let your creativity run free.

Very useful about Phototag is that the app gives you the option to automatically save the original photos as well. As a result, you do not end up with all kinds of photos where you cannot delete the weather forecast, for example.


Phototag is an app for Windows Phone with which you can provide photos with, for example, a place or time indication. There are several nice tags in the app that you can add after taking a photo. Unfortunately, it can take a while for the app to find your location, so you quickly miss a few valuable seconds.

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