3 tips to email(er) anonymously

There is a lot to be done about privacy, especially after it became known that intelligence services know more about us than we think possible. That's scary and we can imagine you want to do everything you can to be more anonymous. These tips will help you achieve that in the field of email.

Awareness: there is no such thing as anonymity

There are certainly steps you can take and services you can use to better ensure your anonymity on the internet. However, it is important that you do not make any illusions: there is no such thing as truly anonymous. Or as it is said, wherever a lock is made, someone will stand up and break it open. One hundred percent anonymity cannot really be guaranteed, simply because technology is always evolving. That said, there's a difference between sending emails with no regard for privacy and sending emails through services that take your privacy a lot closer.

Browsing with Tor

To be able to email anonymously, you will need to create a new email address. A service such as Gmail is already excluded, because it asks for other information from you. But whatever anonymous e-mail service you choose, it makes little sense if you create the account in a 'normal' browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer, after all, the anonymity starts with the creation process. For that reason, we recommend that you download the Tor anonymous browser and (if you want to remain 'anonymous', continue to use it from now on).

Email with Hushmail

Now that you surf anonymously, you can also email anonymously. Surf to www.hushmail.com and click Sign up for Hushmail. Hushmail is an email service like Gmail, but with an emphasis on anonymity and without ads. Choose an email address and determine a passphrase. A passphrase is almost the same as a password, but actually a passphrase. Note: Unlike, say, Gmail, you can't retrieve this phrase if you've lost it. Don't be alarmed, at the next step it suddenly seems like you have to pay for Hushmail. This is not so. At the top right you see the option Continue with a free Hushmail account. Your account has now been created and you can log in. You'll now find yourself in an interface that is very similar to that of other email services, but without all kinds of unnecessary clutter, without advertising and without prying eyes.

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