AutoSizer 1.71

Do you want to decide in which window size you open programs? You can easily arrange this via AutoSizer. With this tool you can accurately determine which dimensions you want to use. In addition, you also select the desired location on the screen.

You probably always have certain programs open on your computer by default, for example a media player or email client. Perhaps give them their own corner of the Desktop in a small window size or minimize it to the Taskbar. When you start the program again the next day, some tools require you to resize and drag the dialog box back to the right place. Not all applications remember this data by themselves. With the help of AutoSizer you define the dimensions and location, so that programs always open in the same format and on the correct part of your screen. In addition, it is useful that you can load software minimized in the Taskbar.


The first time you start AutoSizer, the software will ask if it should automatically configure Outlook Express (if any), Notepad and Internet Explorer window sizes. It does not matter which choice you make, because you can easily adjust these settings afterwards. It works very simply. The top pane of AutoSizer lists the programs running on your computer. To change the settings, select an application and click AutoSize . Under Action to perform you have options to open it minimized or maximized from now on. By means of the option Resize / Position , you manually enter the dimensions and location. It does take some effort to achieve the desired result, but then the problem is solved for good. Once the settings are correct, you don't have to worry about them anymore. AutoSizer will automatically start with Windows, as it is necessary for the tool to be running in the background. You perform the operation from the System Tray. Handy is the option AutoSize Now! , which restores the starting positions of open programs. One downside is that the menu in the System Tray contains advertisements.

The top pane lists all open programs.

It is difficult that you have to enter the pixel values ​​yourself.

AutoSizer 1.71


Language English

Medium 280KB download

OS Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7

System requirements Unknown

maker South Bay Software

Judgment 7/10


Takes up little space on hard drive

Easy to use


No Dutch version

Enter dimensions and location manually

System tray menu contains advertisement


None of the approximately 40 virus scanners saw anything suspicious in the installation file. To the best of our knowledge at the time of publication, the installation file is safe to download. See the full detection report for more details. If a new version of the software is now available, you can always rescan the file yourself via

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