PC tip: Charge your iPad via USB anyway

It is of course fantastic that Apple's iPad is becoming more and more advanced, but that you have to pay for that with the fact that your USB port is no longer strong enough to charge the tablet, is of course a bit wry. Fortunately, that's a problem that's finally easy to fix on PC, with Asus Ai Charger.

Charging issues

It is the frustration of many iPad owners. As soon as you connect the iPad to your PC, it is clearly shown that the tablet is not being charged. In reality, that's not true, the iPad does charge via USB, albeit a lot less effectively (a few percent per hour). Of course you can't wait for that, which is the reason that most people have given up charging via USB. Fortunately, thanks to smart PC software from Asus, this is no longer necessary.

Charging the iPad via USB is normally impossible.

More power

The secret behind the software is that the operation of the USB ports is adjusted, so that more current is sent through the ports, 1.2A to be precise. All you need to do is download the free PC software (not for Mac) from http://event.asus.com/mb/2010/ai_charger/ and connect your iPad to your computer.

The difference is immediately noticeable, because you will see that you will now receive the notification that your iPad is being charged. The trick does not only work on the iPad, the iPhone also charges considerably faster. It normally takes you about 3.5 hours via USB to fully charge your iPhone 5, with the software from Asus you can get 1.5 hours from that, and that is almost as fast as when you charge the iPhone. charges from the wall outlet.

The makers do emphasize that use is at your own risk because the USB ports are used in a slightly different way than they are intended, but we consider that a necessary disclaimer.

Thanks to Asus AI Charger, uploading via PC is almost twice as fast, amazing.

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