Download Facebook Photos with Social Downloader

Facebook forgets (almost) nothing. The photos of 'that one party' can also crop up years later. We know this as a Facebook user, but there is a difference between 'knowing' and 'realising'. In this article you can read how easy it is to download photos. Handy, but also a bit scary.

01. Social Downloader

With all the possibilities of Facebook, it becomes difficult to quickly see which photos you have shared in the past or where you are on. Social Downloader focuses precisely on this and makes it possible to download photos directly. This can be done with your own albums, for example, useful if you want to make a backup.

You can also download all of your friends' photos and albums, and even use the Facebook Face Recognition/Tag feature. The latter makes it possible, for example, to view and download all the photos you are on. You can also do this with your friends if the photo tag function is turned on.

Facebook doesn't forget anything, including the photos you appear on or have ever shared.

02. Pairing

Download and install Social Downloader. Besides Facebook, Social Downloader also supports Instagram and Twitter. To use, you need to submit Social Downloader via Add Facebook account access your Facebook profile. Without this access, Social Downloader cannot access the photos.

If you don't use Social Downloader in the future, you can easily revoke this access. Open your Facebook account and go to Account Settings / Apps. View which rights Social Downloader has and adjust them if necessary.

Click on Add Facebook Account and grant Social Downloader access.

03. View and Download

The structure and operation of Social Downloader is simple. The program shows your name with the headings below photos and friends (your friends). below photos do you think Tagged (the photos you appear on) and Albums (your own photo albums). The subdivision Tagged/Albums can also be used with friends. Browse the photos, double click to enlarge or download an album/selection in one go with Download all or Download selected.

The photos automatically end up in My Pictures / Facebook. For those who want to download Facebook photos without installing any software, you can also get started with Picknzip. This program is less user-friendly and slower, but runs entirely in your web browser.

Browse your photos and photos of friends and download the images with the download buttons.

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