Lost PDF password? This is what you should do...

It can be very wise to protect a PDF with a password. However, this only applies if you actually remember the password you used. Fortunately, it is possible to edit a protected document without knowing the password, thanks to freemypdf.com.

Although it is childishly easy to remove a password from a protected PDF, it is not something that is legally allowed by definition. It is of course always allowed to remove a password from your own documents or from other documents for which you have, for example, received permission from a client to remove the password.

It is of course not allowed to remove passwords from documents that are protected because they are not actually intended for your edits, which is even punishable because it is equivalent to digital intrusion. Obviously, that's something that the creators of freemypdf.com emphasize.

Protecting documents with a password is inconvenient if you have lost the password.

Remove password

There are two ways to access a password protected PDF, namely, password cracking and password removal. In the first case the password is figured out, which then appears on the screen, in the second the password is literally ripped out of the document, so you no longer need a password to open it.

Freemypdf.com falls into the latter category, the password is completely removed. The advantage of this service is that it is online, so it is not tied to a platform. The maximum size that you can upload is 200 MB (of course you need a decent internet connection for that).

Surf to Freemypdf.com and click To leaf through. Navigate to the document you want to strip from password and then click do it! Depending on the settings of your browser, you will receive a download notification, or the document will simply be downloaded without a password. You can now edit the document without any problems. Incidentally, this service only works for documents that you are not allowed to edit without a password. If you have a document that you are not even allowed to view without a password, use the free PDF Crack.

You can remove the password at the touch of a button.

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