This is how you can completely turn off WiFi and Bluetooth in iOS 11

With the arrival of iOS 11, a number of useful features have been added to our iPhones and iPads. However, some confusing things have also been implemented – for example, you can no longer switch off Bluetooth and WiFi via the control panel. But what are those icons for? And how do you turn it off?

Control panel

You may have noticed it yourself: when you turn off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in Control Center in iOS 11, it's still on when you're at Institutions looks.

By pressing the buttons for bluetooth and wifi in the control panel, you disconnect the current network or bluetooth device in iOS 11, but do not switch off bluetooth or wifi. To completely disable bluetooth or wifi, navigate to Settings – Wi-Fi or Settings – Bluetooth. There you flip the switch to disable these features completely.

The icons have also been modified. There are now 3 different icons that indicate whether wifi and bluetooth are on, off for networks or completely turned off.


This new way of operating has its pros and cons. For example, you can disconnect from the current network with the WiFi button in the Control Panel, but functions such as AirDrop - which also happens via WiFi - can still be used. For example, by disabling bluetooth in the Control Panel, you disconnect your iPhone with headphones, but the bluetooth connection with your Apple Watch remains intact.

One drawback is the battery life. Leaving WiFi and Bluetooth on all the time simply requires more battery. Especially if you want to use your iPhone or iPad for as long as possible, it can be useful to completely disable these functions via Settings.

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