3 alternatives to CCleaner

CCleaner is the best known program to clean your computer. The program is so popular that we almost forget that there are alternatives. We discuss three smart cleaning routines.

1: Disk Cleanup

Cars have parts that wear out and so a regular service and MOT is necessary. With computers, it's not so much the hardware that wears out, but the programs that require maintenance. CCleaner is the uncrowned king in this field. CCleaner removes traces, temporary files, erases privacy-sensitive information from the browser and does much more.

The standard cleaning function of Windows is less well known and is called Disk Cleanup. Windows 7 users find the part via Start / Accessories / System Tools. In Windows 8, use the search function to Disk Cleanup to start up. Check the items you want to clean up. Disk Cleanup immediately shows how much disk space you get back. Behind the tab More options you can tackle several items that are not covered in the standard procedure, including old system restore restore points.

2: PrivaZer

As the name suggests, PrivaZer mainly focuses on privacy. Think of residues that remain in your browser. The program has a wizard that guides you step by step through the options.

The functions are clearly explained in the Dutch language. Advanced users can click through to advanced settings. In addition to your privacy, PrivaZer also cleans up other traces, such as temporary files from programs and Windows Updates. For example, this last part deletes old backups.

While there are interesting alternatives, CCleaner remains the favorite on almost all counts!

3: Bleach Bit

BleachBit is one of the clearest cleaning programs we know. Everything is on one screen. An important approach from BleachBit: the options are disabled by default. You must indicate per category what you want to clean up. For example, open the Google Chrome section and check the items you want to clean from this browser. click on Example for a 'trial clean' and perform the full cleaning action with the . button clean up.

If we compare the possibilities of Disk Cleanup, PrivaZer and BleachBit to CCleaner, the latter remains a favorite. CCleaner still offers the best tools for the widest possible audience. Advanced users can use the programs interchangeably for the very best end result. For beginners, cleaning programs are not toys. Use the tools carefully and never remove parts you don't know or can't undo.

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