10 ways to use your old iPad

Every year a new iPad comes out that is faster and smarter than the last. Millions of people always go for it and buy the latest version, despite the fact that the predecessor can still be used. We have listed ten functions for which your old iPad can still be used.

There is a huge difference between the first iPad and the generations after that. The newer iPads have a camera and can be updated to the latest version of iOS so far. For that reason, many apps are not released for the first iPad. Sometimes you can download older versions of apps, so that the iPad 1 can still be used as a media player for in the car, for example. Also read: 10 iPad problems you can fix yourself.

01 Media player in the car

Don't have a portable DVD player to keep the kids entertained in the car, but an old iPad? The iPad is perfectly suited for playing movies. An app like AcePlayer can store and play almost any file type of audio and video. And most universal headrest holders for tablets are also suitable for the iPad. If you also want to purchase a charger for the car, make sure that it provides enough power. The iPad needs a little more power than an iPhone. When everything is installed, the kids can enjoy hours of viewing without having to fiddle with discs.

02 Jailbreaking for more features

If your iPad's warranty has expired and you are not afraid to install software that is not approved by Apple, you can consider jailbreaking your iPad. This gives your old iPad many more options: in addition to the Apple App Store, you get the Cydia app, a kind of black market for apps. If something is not approved by Apple, it often ends up with Cydia. You can also tweak the iPad after jailbreaking and adjust things that were never possible before. For example, in Cydia you will find the Winterboard app, with which you can adjust the default theme and all icons of the iPad. An app like iFile provides you with a file browser and iCaughtU automatically takes pictures when a wrong login code is entered. There are also genuine illegal apps, such as Popcorn Time that uses illegal torrents to stream movies.

It is difficult to designate one jailbreak program, with every update of iOS new jailbreak tools are written. At the time of writing, TaiG is the most recent tool.

03 Retro game console

Those who used to be stuck behind the TV screen with the joystick for hours, can relive their childhood on the iPad. If you use iOS 6 or 7, or if you have jailbroken your iPad, you can use the iPad as a retro game console. This is possible with a so-called emulator. In this case, the emulator simulates an old game console, so that the so-called ROMs (the games) can be played on the iPad. You don't have to fiddle with the touch controls, as most emulators support a Nintendo Wii remote or PlayStation 3 controller. You can simply connect them to the iPad via bluetooth. On this website you will find more information about emulation and you can also download emulators.

04 Media center for the home

Gone are the days when we went to the video store to pick up some movies on Friday evenings. Downloading took over with the advent of the fast internet, but we soon found the middle ground with on-demand movies and streaming video services. Streaming is legal via paid services such as HBO GO, Netflix, UPC Horizon Go (My Prime). You can find an app for all these services in the App Store and the iPad is a great device for watching a movie from your lazy chair or warm bath (carefully!). If you prefer to watch TV together, you can easily send a movie to your Chromecast or Apple TV.

In addition to movies, you can of course also use your old iPad for music, so it becomes a complete media center. In addition to well-known apps such as Spotify and Deezer, there are dozens of music apps.

05 Central remote control

More and more devices in the home support wireless control. What was still a future in the field of smart devices ten years ago can now increasingly be found in homes. Everything can be controlled from one device and an old iPad can be used as a central remote control. Controlling smart devices is also known as 'home automation'. For example, you can adjust the color of the lamps in the house with the Philips Hue lighting. You can also use your iPad to see exactly how much energy you are using and to switch sockets on and off remotely. Energy suppliers (eg Nuon with the E-manager and Eneco with Toon) offer this type of equipment. Do you have a modern smart TV? Chances are you can control it via an app on an iPad.

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