How to use Facebook's new emojis

A long-cherished wish of many Facebook users has come true: alternatives to the well-known 'likes' have now been introduced. But how exactly do these new emojis work? And what do they mean?

How do you use the new emojis on Facebook?

If you hover your cursor over the Like button (the thumb) for two seconds, five new emojis to choose from will appear (in addition to the Like button itself). These icons represent different emotions, and you can use them to let you know in a more nuanced way what you think of a specific Facebook message. Click on the emoji and you simply let us know which emotion the message evokes in you. Also read: Quickly unlike many pages on Facebook.

You can now let Facebook know what you think with these emojis:

[list type="bullet"]

thumbs up: I like this post

heart: I love this post

Smiling emoticon: I find this post funny

Open mouth emoticon: I am stunned by this post

Emoticon with tear: I am saddened by this message

Angry emoticon: This Facebook post makes me angry [/list]

How do Facebook's new emojis work?

From now on you will see in a new way how many 'Likes' have been handed out under every Facebook message. In addition to a number (next to the well-known thumbs up) that indicates the number of likes, you can see who has responded with the different emojis by hovering over the different emojis with your mouse.

The new emojis will be rolled out across all different platforms over the next few days. It is therefore possible that you do not immediately see the new icons in the browser version, and you must first provide the apps for smartphones and tablets with the necessary update.

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