Find your lost smartphone, tablet or laptop

Most mobile devices accurately record their geographical position. This location information can come in handy if you accidentally lose a device or if it gets stolen. Thanks to the following simple practical tips, you will not only always find your lost smartphone, but also your laptop or tablet.

Tip 01: Windows 10

Not only mobile devices, but also Windows 10 includes a function to periodically register the location of a PC or laptop. However, this only works when you are logged into the system with a Microsoft account, for example via a Hotmail or address. Navigate to Home / Settings / Update & Security / Find my device. Bee Find my device use the button if necessary Modify to activate the function. You may also see an item in this menu to indicate whether or not you want to share location information with Microsoft. In that case, it is wise to agree to this so that Microsoft can determine the geographical position of the device.

Tip 02: Locate your computer

You won't lose a PC that quickly, but a handy laptop all the more. Maybe you accidentally leave your laptop bag somewhere or an unknown person takes it just like that. Fortunately, you can easily locate the device. Open a browser on any device and surf to the Microsoft site. After you have logged in with your Microsoft account, a list of Windows 10 systems associated with your profile will appear. Usually this concerns laptops and PCs, but in a few cases it can also be a Windows telephone (see box). The image shows what type of device it is. Under the lost machine, click Find my device. The web page shows the date and time the device was last seen. You can also view the remaining battery time. The blue circle shows where the PC or laptop is currently located. Use the zoom button on the side to clarify the map. In this way additional street names appear on the map. Does the map not show an exact position? If possible click on Enable location to force search for the device. If that doesn't work, the system is probably off.

Windows phone

With a Windows phone you have more options compared to other Windows devices. Surf to the Microsoft site and click Find my phone. Through To call lets you make the phone ring even when silent mode is on. This is useful in case you have lost the device somewhere in the house. You can also choose lock and To clear. With the latter action you delete all data remotely.

Tip 03: Lock

Are you afraid that your (mobile) computer has been stolen? Then it is important to block access to personal data and/or company data. Remotely lock the Windows 10 machine for that reason. The previous tip already describes how to find out the location. Click on the blue button next to the map lock. Through Next one log out the active user account on the missing device. You may also enter a message for the unauthorized owner. For example, you indicate that you have lost the laptop and that you would like it back. An honest finder will then ship the machine to the address provided. Then confirm with lock and set a new password for that device.

In the event of theft, it is important to block access to privacy-sensitive data

Tip 04: iPhone and iPad

Just like Windows 10, the iOS mobile operating system also has a function to find lost devices. A reassuring thought, because iPhones and iPads are quite prone to theft because of their market value. In this tip, we assume that iOS has been updated to the latest version. Launch the app Institutions and tap your name at the top to access account information. Through iCloud see you at the bottom of the function Find my iPhone or Find my iPad to stand. Tap that and enable this feature. Also activate the switch at the back Send last location. When the battery of the iPhone or iPad is low, the mobile device automatically sends the last location to Apple's servers.

Find my Mac

You can also locate a Mac or MacBook in the event of loss or theft. Open the Apple menu at the top left and navigate to System Preferences / iCloud. Put a tick in front of Find my Mac. You may still need to enable Location Services.

Tip 05: Find my iPhone

You can track other Apple devices via a standard app on an iPhone or iPad. Open Find iPhone and enter your Apple ID account information. Through Login After a short wait, the current location of online Apple devices will appear. Click on the arrow at the top left to request the last location of offline devices. Point to a device and go through the available functions. This is how you tap Play sound to find a nearby device. Of Lost you can lock the device so that the finder cannot access your personal information. In that case, you leave a message with your contact details for the finder or thief. Finally, tap Erase iPhone or Erase iPad to delete all data from the device. To permanently delete this data, enter your Apple ID password.

Tip 06: iCloud

Of course, the Find My iPhone app is of no use if you don't have a second Apple device within reach. No problem, because you can also locate a lost iPhone or iPad via the web. Open a browser and visit Enter your Apple ID account information and after signing in, wait for the map of the missing Apple devices to appear. You then click on the bubble and the information icon to display the available functions. Choose from the options Play sound, Lost Mode and Erase iPhone. Are there any Apple devices in the overview that you have already left the door? Then click on the option Remove from account / Remove.

Locate a missing iPhone or iPad via the web

IMEI number iPhone

The IMEI number is a unique series of numbers that is linked to your smartphone. In the event of theft, the police will ask for the IMEI number to register the device in question. Furthermore, officers can use this code to send a so-called SMS bomb to the missing smartphone, even if a thief has switched the SIM card. If your iPhone has been stolen, you can still request the IMEI number from Apple. Visit // and sign in with your Apple ID. Scroll down a bit and click below Devices on your iPhone. The telephone and serial number also appear on the screen.

Tip 07: Android

If you own a smartphone or tablet with a fairly recent version of Android, request the location of this device if necessary. One condition is that the Find My Device feature is turned on. In addition, keep in mind that on a shared tablet, only the owner can access this feature. Launch the app Institutions and go to Security and location. If the latter part is nowhere to be seen, navigate to Google / Security. Through Find my device enable this function. If available, also check the options Determining the location of this device remotely and Lock remotelyand allow erase.

Tip 08: Find My Device

With the Android app Find My Device you can easily track down lost Android devices. Install this application from the Play Store. Once installed, you will find the app on the device under the name Find device. Tap it and sign in with the correct Google account. A Google Maps map will open with the location. You can request additional information via the information icon, such as the date the device was last online and the IMEI number. You can also tap Play sound or Enable protect and erase. If you choose the last option, you can tap on Secure device or Delete device.

Tip 09: Search online

Like Windows and iOS, Android also has an online search function for lost devices. Open a browser and visit After you enter the Gmail address and password, a Google Maps map will appear with the current location of the device. With the function Play sound let the mobile device ring for five minutes. If you have lost your smartphone or tablet outside the home, you choose Secure device or Delete device. In the first case, lock the device and leave a personal message and/or phone number. Advantageously, you can still track the location of the Android device. If you choose Delete device, you can no longer trace the device. This will delete all personal data. Click the information icon at the top left to display the IMEI number.

Tip 10: Prey (1)

Do you find it cumbersome to activate a separate theft prevention function for each device? The English-language service Prey works for all your PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. From one account you can track the location of different computers and mobile devices. With the free version you can protect up to three devices. If that is not enough, you pay fifteen dollars a month for the protection of ten devices. You first install the Prey software on a computer. Visit and click on the download link to install the program. In this article we will get started with the Windows version, but you can also use Prey under macOS and Linux. After installation, leave the checkmark for Set up Prey and confirm with Finish. A browser opens. Through New User register with Prey. Fill in all fields, agree to the terms and conditions and click Sign up. Check if the current geographic position of your PC or laptop appears. If you ever lose the machine, use the options on the right to sound an alarm, send a message, or lock the system. Prey's software runs in the background of the computer, so thieves don't know you can track its location.

Track the location of all your laptops, tablets and smartphones with Prey

Tip 11: Prey (2)

Once you are a member of Prey, you activate theft prevention on other devices as well. You will find a free mobile app in the App and Play Store. After installation, choose already have an account and enter your account information. It is important that you give Prey access to the location data of the smartphone or tablet, so that the web service continuously knows where the device is located. When finished, the term Protected appears on the screen. Log in to locate a missing device.

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