A digital signature under your PDF

Do you receive a PDF file with the question whether you want to return it signed? Normally you have to print the document, sign it, scan it and send it back. But did you know that there is also a way to do this without printing and scanning? This is how you put a digital signature under your PDF.

Adobe Acrobat Pro

You can't edit PDF by default, but that 'don't edit' is a bit flexible these days. If the document is not digitally signed (or it is signed but you have the password), then it is fine with the right software. We searched for good free offline software that can do this, but unfortunately found very little that works well (tips are always welcome). It even turns out that Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is the cheapest program in this area at more than 18 euros per month. You can try the program for free for seven days. By the way: if you don't mind uploading sensitive documents to the cloud, you can do it for free (with limitations).

Create signature

Before you can add a signature digitally, you must of course have it digitally first. You can do that by creating a digital signature in a photo editing program with a stylus, or (and we prefer that because of the authentic look) you actually put your signature on paper and scan it in (taking a photo with your smartphone works fine too ). Save the image with the signature in a folder that you can easily find.

Add signature

Now start Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and open the PDF file to be signed. The document will now open. To be able to adjust something, click on the tab at the top Tools and then PDFedit. A toolbar will now appear containing, among other things, the button Imageadd. Browse to the signature you saved, select it and click To open. The image will now be inserted at full size, you can move and scale it until it is in the right place and size. Now save your PDF document as usual and the image is finally added.

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