Helpdesk: Clean up Gmail box

Question from a reader: I would like to clean up my Gmail mailbox, which allows thousands of emails to go. How can I delete a lot of items at once?

Our answer: In Gmail, you can delete items by checking an email and choosing in the top bar remove. If you want to delete thousands of emails, this can also be more convenient. By checking the box at the top of the page, you will select all the mails on that page so that you can delete them all at once. You can set yourself how many e-mails appear on one page, click on the Options icon / Gmail Settings, enter below General Bee Maximum page size how many conversations are shown on a page (from 10 to a maximum of 100).

You can easily select many conversations in Gmail.

Is one hundred items at once not enough? Then you can work with search terms. For example, search for before:2010-01-01, to collect all conversations older than January 1, 2010. Now select all displayed conversations with the check mark in the top bar, an extra line will appear with the link Select all conversations that match this search. Click this and then delete all items. More search terms are possible: for example, you can search for all emails with attachments by using has:attachment. If you only want to remove the items from your inbox but not really delete them, select the items and click To archive.

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