Switch from Gmail to Outlook.com

Switching from Gmail to Outlook.com sounds like a nightmare. After all, you have your contacts and messages, but also things like labels. Do you have to copy it all manually? Previously yes, but recently Outlook.com has the Gmail import tool, which takes the work off your hands.

Create an account with Outlook.com

There are plenty of reasons to switch to Outlook.com. For example, because you can't find Gmail (for example, check whether someone is snooping in your account) or because you use Windows and want to use the Microsoft account with which you log in as your e-mail address. You can also import Outlook messages into Apple Mail.

If you don't have an account with Outlook.com yet, you should create one for free. In that case, surf to www.outlook.com and click Sign up now. You now need to enter some personal information and click on Create account to create your account.

Before you can switch to Outlook, you must of course first have an account.

Import Gmail

Now that you have an Outlook.com account, you can easily import the data from Gmail. Sign in to Outlook.com. Click the gear icon at the top right and then More email settings. On the page that appears, click under the heading Manage accounts on Import email accounts and on the next page google. click on Options, and choose whether you want to import the mails into your existing folders or create new folders for them (if you want to keep things separate for the time being, choose the latter).

click on Start / Accept and sign in to Gmail when prompted. Depending on the size of your Gmail account, the import can take up to a few hours.

Outlook.com has a great tool for importing your Gmail account.

Forward mail from Gmail

After importing, you'll have all your Gmail messages, contacts, and more in Outlook.com and you can let everyone know your new email address. But how do you know that you haven't forgotten anyone? You can easily get around this by having your Gmail messages forwarded. Sign in to Gmail, click Settings / Forwarding and POP/IMAP and then Add a forwarding address. Enter your new Outlook.com email address and click Next one.

Leave the Gmail page open. You will now receive an email to your Outlook.com address with a confirmation code. Enter this code into Gmail and then click Verify. Click now Forward a copy of an incoming message to and select your Outlook.com address. Now you will also receive all emails that are still sent to Gmail on your new account.

After that, make sure your Gmail messages are forwarded as well.

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