Stream PS4 games on your PC or Mac in 3 steps

Want to play a game on the PlayStation 4, but the television is occupied by another family member? No problem, because thanks to the Remote Play function, you can stream games to any PC or Mac within the home network. So you are no longer dependent on one location when you want to play a video game.

Step 1: Preparations

As soon as you get started with the Remote Play function, you first make some preparations. For smooth playback of the images, it is important that both the PlayStation 4 (PS4) and PC are connected to a wired network connection. The upload and download speed must be at least 5 Mbit/s. Also read: The 10 best games for the PlayStation 4.

On PS4, go to Settings / Network / Internet Connectionto test to view the estimated network speed. It is also important that the latest firmware is installed on the game console. If necessary, go to Settings / System Software Update and run the installation. Finally, you need a suitable game that supports the use of Remote Play, for example Uncharted 4.

Step 2: Set up PS4

You simply activate Remote Play on your PS4. Go to Settings / Connection Settings for Remote Play and check the option Enable Remote Play at. You also give the game console the status of primary PS4. Navigate to Settings / PlayStation Network/Account Management / Activate as your primary PS4 and confirm with Activate. It is nice that Remote Play also works in rest mode, provided the internet connection is active. In that case, go to Settings / Power Saving Settings / Set Functions Available in Rest Mode to arrange that.

Step 3: Stream games

To play on your Windows PC or Mac you need an application. Surf here and download the installation file. You then perform the installation. Connect a controller from the PS4 to the PC with a USB cable. You then open the PS4 Remote Play application and choose via Institutions the desired resolution. Then click Start. After logging in with a PlayStation Network account, your PC will connect to the PS4. After a while, the well-known PlayStation menu appears and you can stream games.

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