How to anti-glare your selfies on your iPhone

If you take a selfie with an iPhone, you will see a mirrored image on your screen. This sometimes creates a somewhat strange picture. If you don't want this, you can, as it were, anti-reflect your selfie camera. In this article we explain how that works.

When you finally take the photo, the result is not mirrored. That is of course a good thing, because text on, for example, your shirt or sweater would otherwise be visible in mirror image. Still, it can sometimes be very irritating that the end result is different (mirrored) than what you initially saw on your iPhone screen. Fortunately, you can do something about this.

Various options

So the good news is that you can easily fix this, the bad news is that you can't without downloading another app first. There are tons of apps that can do this for you, and thankfully most of them are free. You can download two types of apps: apps that take a photo with the selfie camera and save it exactly as you see them on the display (such as Perfect Selfie) or apps that allow you to mirror photos you've already taken ( such as Photoshop Express). We're going for the latter option, mainly because we like Apple's camera app.

Flip photo with Photoshop Express

To mirror a photo in Photoshop Express, first give the app access to your photos and then select the photo you want to mirror. Then press the icon at the bottom cut out (a square with lines crossing each other) and then press the second icon from the left (two arrows opposite each other). This mirrors the photo directly. Then press To share top right (icon with the square and arrow up) to save the photo. Your photo is now exactly as you saw it on your screen.

Do mirror photos

Photos are therefore not mirrored when you have shot them, but in some cases you want that. For example, a photo can get a nicer effect if you turn it around. After taking the photo, go to your iPhone photosand tap To process and use the mirror icon, located at the top right of the screen. This will flip your images from right to left.

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