Play and Download YouTube Videos with VLC

VLC has been renowned for playing almost all file formats for years. In addition to playing local media, YouTube can also tap media from the web. A trick in VLC makes it possible to download the video from your browser.

This is how you stream

To stream a video from YouTube in VLC, click media and choose you open network stream. If all is well, a window will pop up with an address bar, here paste you the internet address of the YouTube video. After you click to open press, VLC will play the video.

Download YouTube Videos

To download the video, click additional >codec information. Bee Location find an internet address, that's where VLC gets the video. By copying and pasting this link into your browser, your browser will open the video. Because the browser does not play the video via YouTube, it is now possible to use the right mouse button clicking on the video and the video store.

For OSX: To open a YouTube video, click below file clicking open network. There you can paste the link of the video. Codec Information can be found under the option button window.

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