5 media players to watch Netflix on

A big advantage of Netflix is ​​that you don't necessarily need a PC to watch movies and series. You can also stream these to your HDTV in excellent quality with other devices. In this test, we list various media players with which you can use Netflix.

With a Netflix account of 7.99 euros per month, the streaming video service can be used on two devices at the same time. Handy, because you can watch an episode of Sons of Anarchy on the PlayStation 3, for example, while another family member enjoys a beautiful film via a suitable media streamer or tablet. If you pay 11.99 euros per month, you can even watch Netflix movies on four devices at the same time. To determine which subscription you need, it is useful to first know which devices are suitable for Netflix.

At the moment there are quite a few, while many more will probably be added in the future. Furthermore, it makes sense to check the quality of the streaming video service on compatible devices. In this test, we go deeper into this. We try Netflix (review) on various media players. In another article, we'll test Netflix on game consoles.

In the test, we looked at the image and audio quality, among other things, while we also examined the possibilities of the Netflix app. For this article we focus purely on Netflix, we do not look extensively at other playback options. We have already tested the apps for smartphones and tablets. You can find this test here.

Smart TV & Blu-ray Players

Netflix is ​​available on just about all smart TVs. Suitable devices from Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Philips, Sony and Toshiba are compatible with the online movie service. Of course it is a condition that the HDTV is connected to the internet. For example, on Samsung smart TVs you will find the application under the recommended apps of the Smart Hub.

Netflix's interface is similar to that of most media players. However, the Netflix Kids component is missing on our Samsung device. It is also noticeable that the loading time is slightly longer compared to most media players. In addition, from the manufacturers mentioned, there are Blu-ray players that offer an interface similar to smart TVs with a Netflix app.

Apple TV (3rd generation)

The Apple TV is a small media streamer that you connect to an HDTV via an HDMI cable. The Netflix app is available directly from the main menu. If necessary, you create a new account or enter the username and password of your existing subscription. The design of the app is a feast for the eyes. On the right, the menu is visible, while on the left, film covers pass by in a rotating carousel. It's nice that recommendations and new releases can be reached directly from the main menu.

In Netflix Kids you search for titles with fun cartoon characters, although the app regularly gave an error. If you have chosen a genre in the main menu, you will arrive at an overview of films that you can play. It is inconvenient that you cannot directly open the search function from this place. It takes about ten seconds of loading time to start playback.

The image quality on the Apple TV is fine. During playback, you can optionally switch off the Dutch subtitles. One downside is that the Apple TV shows yellow subtitles with an ugly gray frame. Fortunately, that can be changed in the settings of the device. Unfortunately, something you can't adjust is that subtitles appear at an unpleasant height for some movies. You do not set the audio track yourself with Netflix films. If available, the media player will automatically select a Dolby Digital track.

Apple TV (3rd generation)

Price: €99

Info: www.apple.com


Beautiful design

Navigate smoothly


Error message Netflix Kids

No Dutch category

SCORE: 3.5/5

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