How Sonos Flex . subscription service works

You can't think of it that crazy or there is a subscription for it these days. Socks, underpants, razors, chocolate and recently speakers. With Sonos Flex it is possible to rent speakers.

If you want to fill your house with Sonos speakers, you have to dig deep into your pocket. For those who are not waiting for that, you can now also decide to rent the speakers from Sonos.

Various options are available, starting from 15 euros per month. Within this subscription, called For Every Room, you get 2 Sonos One speakers in white or black. If you mainly want to use the speakers when you watch television, you can opt for the package For your TV. For the price of 25 euros per month, you get a Sonos Beam in addition to two Sonos One speakers.

The most expensive subscription of 50 euros per month, called For Home Cinema, offers two Sonos One speakers, a subwoofer and a Playbar, which automatically adjusts itself to produce the best sound. This is the only plan where Sonos helps set up your Sonos system for free. The devices are shipped free of charge within all subscriptions.

Sonos Flex offers a solution for people who don't have the money to buy a Sonos system, but want to have one at home. If you would like to purchase the devices from the For Home Cinema subscription yourself, you will have lost a total of more than two thousand euros: a Sonos One costs 229 euros, a Playbar 799 euros and a subwoofer 799 euros. A quick calculation shows that you only cancel the subscription after 40 months (almost 3.5 years).

Another advantage of the subscription is that your speakers are immediately replaced by the latest models when they appear. Subscriptions can also be adjusted or canceled at any time.

For now, Sonos Flex is available for 500 households, but if it's up to Sonos, this could be expanded soon if the subscription service is a success. You can still register.

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