Decide whether you copy or move in Windows 10

Sometimes it is not entirely clear whether a file is moved or copied when dragging from one folder to another in Windows. Fortunately, you can take matters into your own hands in that regard!

Moving or copying files and (or) folders is basically just a matter of dragging with the left mouse button and that's it. However, that doesn't always go well. Sometimes you want to copy a folder and it gets moved against your will. Or do you want to move and a copy is made. This happens, for example, if source and destination are on different disk drives. Now you won't lose documents due to such an unwanted reaction from Windows, but it can be a time waster if a copy of a folder full of files is pulled. It is more convenient to take control completely into your own hands. And with that comes the right mouse button very useful. Actually, it is important to teach yourself from now on only to drag files and folders with that right mouse button in Explorer windows or to and from the desktop. If you do that, a menu will always appear with three options: Copy here, Move here and Create shortcuts here. The default option is shown in bold, but of course nothing prevents you from clicking one of the other options.

Another possibility

There is also another Plan B when it comes to copying and moving files and folders In Windows. The right mouse button once again plays a leading role. Simply click (not dragging) with the right mouse button on a file or folder to be moved or copied. In the context menu that opens, click - if you want to move - on To cut. Browse to a folder where you want to move the selected item and click there again with the right mouse button. Choose now To stick and the whole thing is moved. To copy, right click on the item for To copy. In fairness, though, dragging right actually works best. If you do that from now on, you'll never be faced with awkward surprises again. The 'trick' works in just about all versions of Windows, so you don't have to leave it at that.

Bypass the trash can

Finally, one last tip. Normally you delete a file or folder by pressing the Delete button. The item in question is then moved to the trash. Handy as a last resort, but often you forget to empty that recycle bin resulting in a lot of unnecessary disk space taken up. If you are really 100% sure that you want to delete a file or folder for good, you can skip the intermediate step trash. Click on the file (or folder) to be permanently deleted and then press the Shift-Delete key combination. Now the case will be removed for good in one fell swoop. In principle, a way back is no longer possible, unless you are very quick and use special file recovery software. So be careful, but it is useful to keep in mind.

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