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Difficult problems with your systems can often be traced back to outdated drivers of one or more hardware components. Regularly checking whether all drivers are still up-to-date is a time-consuming task. However, you can hand this over to a tool like SnailDriver: analyzing, downloading and installing drivers is done in no time!





Windows 7/8/10

Website 8 Score 80

  • Pros
  • Very user-friendly
  • Fast
  • Extensive database
  • Negatives
  • No links to producer sites
  • Not a reliable system restore point
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There are several tools that can automate the detection of outdated drivers and the retrieval and installation of more recent versions, but they are often quite intrusive (with advertisements), in many cases they are freemium (limited free editions) or they even contain adware or other nonsense. In that respect, we find SnailDriver a relief. But how well does the program actually work?


In any case, the installation of SnailDriver is done in no time. When you start the tool, all you really see is a large Scan button. As soon as you press this button, SnailDriver gets to work: the installed drivers are tested against an online database of more than 300,000 drivers. This review happens remarkably quickly (we actually wonder who coined the term 'snail'). You get the result in the form of a list of drivers for which SnailDriver has detected an outdated version on your system. Here you will see the name as well as the installed version, the most current version and the name of the manufacturer.


Pressing the Update button is about all you can do now. Or it should be that you deliberately want to keep certain drivers out of this update process: in that case, first remove the check mark next to those drivers. You can follow the update process in all its facets and cancel if necessary. Afterwards you will get an overview of the updated drivers, as well as a list of drivers that were already in the lesson. There are not many setting options: you can, however, have SnailDriver start up automatically with Windows and have a scan performed immediately. You also determine the download location for the driver updates here. A system restore point is also provided by default, but we did not find that: creating one yourself before the updates is the message.


SnailDriver is a breath of fresh air compared to many other update tools. The operation is extremely simple and the database appears to be quite extensive. We have not encountered any problems on our test systems so far and all updates turned out to be correct. There are, of course, never any guarantees.

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