Uninstall software in Windows 10

Removing installed software is one of those basic operating system tasks. Oddly enough, this option is a bit hidden in Windows 10 these days.

In addition to installing programs, the ability to remove them someday is also quite practical. If only because you installed a new version and no longer use the old one. Leaving it alone is a waste of disk space! Uninstalling programs in Windows was a fairly simple task until the Creators Update: visit the Control Panel, put it in view Big Icons and click Programs and Features. Select a program to remove from the list and then click the Delete Change in the gray bar above the list. Then you go through the uninstallation wizard. We can't make it any easier.

However, since the Creators Update, Microsoft has been hiding the Control Panel - useful for a number of other things as well - in its infinite wisdom. It is therefore no longer possible to quickly open the Control Panel via a right-click on the Start button. The reason behind this remarkable decision remains conjecture, but it is what it is. Fortunately, the Control Panel has not really disappeared for the time being. It just doesn't have any menu links anymore. To recall it, click the button with the magnifying glass right next to the Start button. Tap in the search box control panel and click on the found result of the same name. Voilá: There's the Control Panel again. Including Programs and Features, so you can remove unnecessary programs to your heart's content.


Windows 10 is still far from consistent in terms of management and configuration. Although you see all the programs in Programs and Features, the apps are missing. If you use that. And by apps, we mean the programs you install through the Windows Store. To remove it, you have to visit Settings, or click on the gear icon in the Start menu. In the window that opens, click on Apps and you will see a list of installed apps. Click on the app to be removed and then click on the Uninstall button that appears. Unfortunately, a number of standard apps cannot be removed. But you will notice that by the lack of the delete button.

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