Paste your screen full of Sticky Notes in Windows 10

The well-known yellow sticky notes made their entrance in Windows quite some time ago. Also in Windows 10, these virtual Sticky Notes are still available in app form.

Although it creates a bit of an eighties atmosphere, the time-honoured sticky notes - known as Sticky Notes - are still immensely popular. They are handy to stick anywhere around your computer, on the wall, on the refrigerator and so on. But is that really necessary in 2019? Admittedly: it's still fun to physically grab those notes and stick them on. But is it really all that environmentally friendly? And if you use a Windows (10) computer, you don't even need the paper versions anymore. In the Start menu you will find a great virtual alternative under the name - how could it be otherwise - Sticky Notes. If you start this app, it turns out that it is actually called Sticky Notes. In the first sign of life the app gives you can choose to sign in to your Microsoft account. The advantage is that you can share the sticky notes with any other computers you use (and are logged in through the same account). The disadvantage is that more data is shared with Microsoft. That's why we choose Not now. Undoubtedly, the app will still be nagging for a registration in the future, but as long as you stoically choose Not now, you'll be fine.


Using Sticky Notes is pretty self explanatory. For convenience, as you can see, a copy has already been prepared for you. You can tap in here to your heart's content. The buttons at the bottom of the note provide bold, italic, underlined, and/or strikethrough text. With the rightmost button at the bottom of the leaf you can make a list of points in no time. If you don't like the standard yellow of the leaf, click on the button with the three dots at the top right. You can now choose from various pastel colors! To add a new note, in the Sticky Notes main window, click the +. Or click on the + on any notepad if you already closed that main window. To open the main window again, simply right-click on the Sticky Notes icon, located in the Quick Launch bar at the bottom left of the screen. Then click List of notes and there's the window again. To change the (few) settings, click on the settings gear. Check there or at least the option Enable Insightsfrom stands. This prevents the content of your notes from being forwarded to Bing and Microsoft. Furthermore, your Sticky Notes will also survive a system reboot or shutdown. After logging in again you will immediately see them on the desktop again. In the unlikely event that this is not the case, or have you closed Sticky Notes by accident or not? Then just launch the app again from the Start menu and the problem is already solved. You can also close a note via the closing cross. He's not really gone yet. You can still see it in the main window with the list of notes. You really throw it away by clicking on the trash can of the relevant note and confirming this action.

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