Create and add multiple Instagram accounts

If you want to create multiple Instagram accounts, and if you want, for example, a profile for private and one for work-related matters, you can do that in no time. You can then easily manage both accounts from one overview, so that you can easily switch between the profiles. We explain how that works in this article.

Instagram has been around for more than seven years and is still a popular app for taking and editing photos with your smartphone. However, it has only been possible since 2016 to add and manage multiple Instagram accounts to the app without having to log out and log in again with your other account.

Add accounts

You can enable the multiple Instagram account management feature in the app. For this you have to enter the Institutions from the app itself search for the option Add Account. You can then log in with a maximum of five different accounts.

Switch between accounts

You can switch between these different accounts by going to your profile page and pressing the name of your account. You will then see an overview of all your linked accounts. You can select the desired account by pressing it. Everything you then put on Instagram is posted from that account, until you choose another account.

To make sure you don't accidentally upload from the wrong account, Instagram displays a thumbnail of your profile picture in the navigation bar. You can also tap that thumbnail while posting to switch accounts.

If at some point you no longer use one of the profiles, you can also delete it again. First switch to the relevant account and click on the three horizontal dots in the top right corner of the screen. At the bottom of the list you will find the option Sign out with account name. Choose this option and confirm with Sign out.


Are you unable to add multiple accounts or do you not see the option? Then remove the app from your device and download and install it again. The problem will probably be solved by then.

Do you want to delete Instagram? That is of course also possible. How do you read here.

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