Spotify 2019 Wrapped - Your year in music

It is the best list of the year, at least for music lovers: Spotify 2019 Wrapped. Music service Spotify often shares the general listening and popularity figures by the end of the year, but your individual statistics are not forgotten either. Curious about what your real music taste is? Spotify tells you!

Spotify knows what you're listening to, of course, and while that might go a bit against your privacy, it's necessary to show playlists and artists that match your own music taste. As a result, you can always keep listening, without it getting boring. But that also provides a lot of data, data that Spotify collects for you on a handy website: Spotify 2019 Wrapped.

This is how Spotify 2019 Wrapped works

When you arrive at the website, Spotify will ask you to link your account to 2019 Wrapped. This is necessary, otherwise you will of course not see any personal data. Once you're logged in and you've made the link, the fun can begin.

Spotify knows a lot. How many minutes you have listened in the past year, for example (tip: tap Google number of minutes/60/365= in, then you can see exactly how many hours a day you listen on average). It also tells you what your favorite artist was (and that artist likes you too!), what genre you listen to often, and your top artists and artist of the decade.


In between, you also get to choose a playlist, which you can also find later in the Spotify app.Your most listened to songs of 2019, is a playlist containing, not unexpectedly, your most listened to songs of 2019. That playlist takes you back to your favorite songs from the past year.

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