How do I create a Spotify playlist?

It is possible via Spotify to combine your favorite artists, genre and albums in a playlist. This is possible for both Spotify Premium and the free Spotify version. What could be more fun than sharing your own superior music store with your friends, family, or colleagues? In addition, a joint Spotify playlist can also be created in which anyone you choose can edit the playlist. In this article, I'll tell you step by step what you can do with Spotify's playlist option on PC and your smartphone.

Create list

First, create a new playlist. On the PC, you do this after logging in to Spotify. At the bottom left you can create a new playlist. On the mobile app, go to your Library. Then choose under the heading Playlists choose top option.

Give the list a name and a description. Also choose an image for your playlist. You can choose to upload your own image. If you do not want this or if you do not have a suitable image, Spotify will choose an image. This is a collage of the cover of the first four added songs from the list.

Add music

The list now exists. Unfortunately it is still empty. High time to add your favorite songs. There are several ways to do this. When you have created a new playlist, Spotify will give tips at the bottom of the playlist. These are often popular songs from the charts of the moment. These numbers can be easily added to the list by pressing 'add' to push. You can also play any other song you see from another playlist, your own Library or add from search results.

On the PC you do this by right-clicking on the song or by dragging with your left mouse button. On your smartphone, press and hold the selected number. Then click on Add to playlist and choose the list you created. Spotify keeps track of what artists and genres you add to the playlist. At the bottom of the playlist you can again easily add recommended songs. This selection changes according to numbers already in the list. Spotify does this through algorithms.

To share

Spotify gives quite a few options to share the playlist with others. For example, you can choose to make your playlist public for every other user or to share the list with specific people. You can invite these people in many ways. You do this on both platforms by clicking on the three dots in the main menu of the list. You can then adjust a number of things to the list, such as the name or description. Here is also the option to make the playlist public or share it.

You can invite these people in many ways. For example, you can do this on the PC via Facebook, Messenger and Twitter. It is also possible to copy a link or url from the list. It is also possible to embed the playlist. The app on the phone offers some more mobile options. The list can also be shared via mobile via WhatsApp and SMS, for example.

There is also the option to create a joint playlist. The invited people can then add numbers themselves and edit the list. The list will then also indicate who added which number. That way you know exactly who is responsible for the somewhat tasteless songs.

Bonus Tips:

- With Spotify Premium, you have the option to download the playlist and save it locally.

- You can also make your playlists a bit more organized by creating folders. You do this by right-clicking on an empty area under the heading Playlists and then click folder create,

- In the list settings you can sort the playlist by Title, Recently Added, Artist, Album, or In person.

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