Getting started with Google Photos

Google Photos is standard on your Android device and there is also an app available for iOS. You may think Photos is just another cloud service, but make no mistake. The service is not only ideal for backing up your photos and videos on your smartphone. You can also edit photos, share animations and display the content wirelessly on your television. In this article we use the mobile app, but almost all functions can also be found in your browser at

01 Photos in Android

If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, you usually don't need to install Photos, it's on your device by default. Open the app and tap To work. In the next step, you can choose to have all your captured photos and videos automatically backed up. Leave the slide behind Backup and Sync turn on. Tap on Change settings to select the quality in which the app should save your images. High Quality is selected by default, for this you have unlimited space available on Google's servers.

02 Photos in Android

You can also for Original but in this case Google gives you limited space. How much this is depends on your Google Drive space, as it takes the gigabytes off your total Google 15 GB limit.

Choose Original if you don't settle for the 16 megapixel limit for photos and 1080p for videos, for example if you want to print out large format photos later.

Finally, you can tick Using mobile data to back up if you have an unlimited data plan for your mobile. End with Ready.

03 Photos in iOS

In iOS, you need to download the app from the App Store. Of course you need a Google account to use the app, create one first. Tap on To work and give the app access to your photos by pressing OK to tap. Tap on Get on and choose the quality in which you want to save your images.

To receive notifications from Photos, tap Receive notifications and confirm this with OK.

04 Get Photos

If you've worked with Google Photos before, the app pulls all your photos from its servers and displays them in stamp format. To save space, the app does not copy the photos and videos to your device. Only when you click on a stamp will it download the image from the server. It will also copy photos and videos that are on your mobile to Google's servers. As soon as you scroll with your finger, a button will appear on the right. Tap to scroll faster.

05 Delete photos

To select a photo, tap it for a second and a blue checkmark will appear. Tap the trash can to delete the image. You will get another warning that means it will be removed from your other devices as well, tap remove. The share button gives you the familiar options from Android or iOS and if you tap the plus sign, you can add the image to an album, movie, animation or collage. More on this later.

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