Cancel app subscription in Android

Have you downloaded an app that asks for a certain amount each month and do you now want to cancel your subscription in Android on your smartphone or tablet? Then it is often not easy, or even impossible to find in the app itself. However, you can cancel an app subscription with a few simple steps in the Google Play Store.

First, it's important to mention that simply deleting an app is not the same as canceling an app subscription. With this you only remove the app while the subscription money is still debited from your account. Canceling in the app itself often does not work either, because the subscriptions are arranged via the Play Store.

Cancel an app subscription in the Playstore

So to cancel your subscription, first go to the Play Store. There are three bars in the top left of the Play Store homepage. Tap this, a menu will now unfold. Check if you are logged in with the correct account. In this menu you will see subscriptions to stand. Tap this. Here you will now see an overview of the apps with which you have concluded a subscription service.

Here you will also find information about how much the subscription costs and when a new debit will take place.

By tapping on the relevant subscription, you can manage the subscription. You can also cancel your subscription here. You will find this option at the bottom of the overview. You will then be asked what the reason for your cancellation is. Once you have indicated this, the app subscription has been canceled successfully. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail. The subscription fee is now no longer debited.

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