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You've probably noticed: the longer you use your computer (and the more programs you install), the slower it starts up. This is because more and more processes start up together with Windows. Autorun Organizer gives you a look behind the scenes and lets you optimize things.

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If you want to get some insight in Windows on which processes start automatically with Windows, then you knock on the door of Msconfig (Windows 7 and earlier) or the Task Manager (Windows 8). However, these tools are not very informative. Autorun Organizer is clearer and also offers novice users a helping hand.


The interface of Autorun Organizer is divided into two large parts: at the top a panel with an overview of all detected 'blackheads': the programs that start together with Windows. In the bottom panel, depending on the tab you open, you'll see an overview of your system's recent boot times, or details of the application you selected in the top panel.


By default, Autorun Organizer shows you exactly where each application can be found on your disk and how it is started (from the program group Startup, from the task scheduler or from the registry). There are also optimization tips, such as the suggestion to start specific applications with a delay.

If you are willing to send the list of detected programs to the makers (which can be done with the push of a button), you will receive extra information as a reward. This way you can find out what percentage of fellow users have disabled certain applications or have delayed them in starting.

If you also want feedback from the 'community', first press the button.


This feedback may make it easier to decide whether you want to (temporarily) deactivate an application yourself or - if possible - let it start with a few tens of seconds delay. If you want to treat different items in the same way at the same time, you must first press the button Bulk Entries Changing impressions. If there is any doubt, you can send the name of a selected application directly from the context menu to your default search engine on the Internet. Perhaps that information will help.

By the way, with Autorun Organizer you can not only disable or remove items, but you can also add programs to the 'startup list' yourself.

Disable, delete or delayed startup: the choice is yours.

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