New on Netflix in July

Countless new Netflix movies and Netflix series appear every month. It is difficult to keep up with all of them, so we would like to list the best movies and series that are new on Netflix. This is what's new on Netflix in June!

Can't get enough of Netflix? In the article New on Netflix we collect all the monthly lists for you. Have you seen them all?


Samuel L. Jackson spells Shaft in this Action/Comedy. Shaft Jr. asks his father for help in uncovering the truth after his best friend's death. But their relationship isn't the best father-son relationship due to Shaft's great absence. They both try to solve the mystery in their own way. Wat Shaft Jr. What is not known, however, is that his father has his own agenda. Both professionally and personally.

Stranger Things Season 3

The popular series Stranger Things returns with a new season on Netflix. So we can binge watch the adventures in 'the upside down' of Will, Mike, Lucas, Dustin and of course Eleven again. After Eleven closes the gate to the 'upside down', strange things keep happening. It seems that something from this bizarre world has come over to our world.


In the heyday of cocaine in the 1970s, there was a man who decided to make a profit. Based on the true story of George Jung, Johnny Depp stars in Blow. Jung was the man who brought Colombian cocaine to the American market. In addition, we also see Penélope Cruz in this film. She plays the role of Mirtha Jung.

dark shadows

More Johnny Depp appears on Netflix with the comedy films Dark Shadows. In it, Depp plays a clumsy vampire with a very tenacious ex-girlfriend. A witch played by Eva Green. After years of being locked up, the Victorian vampire wakes up in 1970s America. The film was directed by Tim Burton, he and Depp have been friends for years and have collaborated on many film projects.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Cate Blanchett returns to her role of the British Queen for this sequel to 'Elizabeth'. It tells the story of the war between Spain and England and the threat to the throne from Scotland by Mary Stuart. The Queen must try to save her country from a usurper and from a war that threatens to destroy everything.


It is, of course, the film adaptation of Stephen King's book of the same name. A version of this classic was released years ago, but this remake is definitely worth it. Children are slowly disappearing from a neighborhood. These are mysteriously lured away by a red balloon. The owner of this balloon is a horrible inhabitant of the sewer who at first seems very nice and child-friendly…

Once Upon a Time in Mexico

In this Once upon a Time in Mexico with Antonio Banderas and Johnny Depp, El Mariachi (Banderas) follows the trail of drug lord Barillo through Mexico. The latter is planning a coup against the Mexican president. But El Mariachi himself is being chased by the corrupt CIA agent Sands (Depp).

The Other Guys

This action/comedy has a few solid components that you can expect from a movie like The Other Guys. You get exuberant action scenes with a funny approach, bland dialogues and the acting of Will Ferrel, Dwayne the Rock Johnson, Samuel L. Jackson and Mark Wahlberg. Together, Samuel L. Jackson and The Rock form one glorious police team solving crime after crime. Will Ferrel and Mark Wahlberg are also police officers but are glued to their desks. And they are green with envy.

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