Music on your iPad and iPhone without iTunes

Apple wants users of their products to also use their software. That is not always necessary. If you want to transfer music from your desktop PC to your iPad, iPod touch or iPhone, you can also use other programs. We explain how you can do this with MediaMonkey.

MediaMonkey is a music transfer and playback service that you can download for free on the web. Ironically, this only works if you have iTunes on your computer, you don't need to work with it any further. There's also a paid service from MediaMonkey that lets you burn music to CDs and DVDs directly from your Apple portable device. Download the free version and complete the installation procedure.

Grant access to files

Before MediaMonkey can be used, you must first give the program permission to use your music. In five steps you can indicate what the program may or may not do. Only check the boxes that you think MediaMonkey is allowed to use. Every step you press Next one to confirm your choice. In the fourth step you will be asked to indicate the folders from which the program is allowed to get your music. Music is automatically checked, but if you store music elsewhere you can also check those folders.

First check the folders and then click next.

Sync and transfer music

After installation, turn your attention to the MediaMonkey toolbar at the top of the screen. Next Play do you find the option Additional, click on it and a small menu will open. Then go to Sync device and choose the device that you have connected to your laptop or desktop via USB cable. The devices will sync and you can now transfer music from your computer to your Apple device. You can do this by selecting your mobile device on the left and dragging music from the library.

You can sync different devices when you sync.

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