Enter special symbols

You've certainly been looking for that one special symbol to insert into a document. A heart, envelope or scissors for example? Do you no longer feel like searching for a symbol via the Wingdings font? Thanks to CopyPasteCharacter, this is no longer necessary.

CopyPasteCharacter makes it incredibly easy to insert symbols into any document. You surf to the CopyPasteCharacter website, find the symbol you need and click it once to copy it to your clipboard. You can then paste the symbol into a Word document or Excel file, for example. Do you need several symbols in a row? For example some smileys? Then hold down the Alt key while clicking on various symbols on the CopyPasteCharacter page. To clear your clipboard, click the in the top right corner of the page clearbutton.

Do you absolutely love this website? There is also a Copy Paste Character application in the iTunes Store that makes it easy to work with symbols on your iPod, iPhone or iPad. The application costs 0.79 euros.

Thanks to this website, you'll never have to search for that one symbol again!

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