Take notes on your iPad or iPhone with Notability

iOS's default note-taking app is quite nice and works fine for many purposes. But it can be much nicer. The Notability app proves that. We explain what is possible.

Notability is basically an all-in-one app for everything that has to do with notes. And by that we mean both typed and - with the Pencil, for example - handwritten text. In the latter case, that handwritten text can also be recognized, which means that you can search all your notes written in that way. Furthermore, the app contains a sound recorder. This makes Notability ideal for students and schoolchildren, for example. From now on, only take your iPad with you and you can make and keep all your notes digitally. Recording a lecture or lecture also comes in handy. Importing, for example, a PDF file or an image (but also Word documents, etc.) is no problem. Such imported items can then be provided with your own notes, sketches and more. For example, to open a PDF from another app on your i-device in Notability, tap the share button in that app. Then select Notability as the target and the case will be imported. You can import the PDF into an existing note, or have a new note created for it. Then you can add text via the T button, make sketches with the pencil button, highlight via the highlighter and so on.


And actually, with this import action, you have immediately seen how to make notes. You can start with an empty copy from the main screen by tapping the button at the top right of the screen. Or open an already existing note. In both cases, the control buttons speak for themselves. In any case, the app is extremely simple to use. It is not necessary to read an extensive manual. For example, if you want to add a sound recording to your note, click on the microphone in the button bar at the top of your note. Also worth mentioning is the wrench next to the plus button. Tap Paper and choose one of the available paper types. The line and checkered sheets are very practical. Especially if you are going to write or sketch with the Pencil. Even your math assignments can be worked out completely digitally in this way. Saves mountains of paper, good for your wallet and the environment.


Notability automatically syncs with iCloud if desired, so the chance that you lose indispensable notes is nil. To enable this option, tap the gear button in the lower left corner of the main screen. Then tap iCloud sync and turn on the switch behind the button of the same name. Finished. If you have arrived in the settings window anyway, you can go under Themes default for a light or dark environment. Additional themes are available via in-app purchases, but we think this 'beautification' is more something for the real enthusiasts. Take a look at the other options as well, you might find some things to your liking. Finally, it is worth mentioning that Notability can handle various cloud services and WebDAV, which is always handy. What remains is the price of Notability: €10.99. Something in the higher price segment for an app, but if you really want to take high-level notes often, this is definitely a must-have app, especially for your iPad. And once you've purchased it, it can also be used on the iPhone for quick work, of course.

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