This is how you send Christmas cards online

Sending a Christmas greeting digitally is increasingly replacing paper cards. But of course you don't do that by means of a normal e-mail. There are many apps and websites that focus on sending fun digital greetings. In this article, we look for the best options for sending Christmas cards online.

Tip 01: E-card with GoCards

There are countless providers of e-cards, but one of the better ones is GoCards. Go to and click on the left Holidays. You can choose from normal cards and moving cards. If a card is an animation, the card is tagged Moving. To see moving maps, you must have the Adobe Flash Player installed.

Click on a card of your choice and enter below Errand your text. Enter your own name and e-mail address and do the same for the receiving party. If you tick the box for Delivery Confirmation never mind, you will receive an email when the recipient has read your card. You can also send a card anonymously, but for this you have to create an account with GoCards. If you also want to receive the card yourself, click on Send me a copy.

With the Canva website or app you can design your own card

Tip 02: Get started yourself

If you want to design your own card, you can do this with Canva, for example. You can work via the website, or with the free app for Android or iOS. We work with the app for this tip. Sign up for the service with your email address or through your Facebook or Google account. Tap below Discover Canvas on the option Card. Select Christmas card and choose one of the dozens of fun templates. You can see which cards are free by the word For free at the bottom of the map. Other cards cost money and can be ordered with credits. Tap Edit and choose one of the elements on the map to adjust. You can adjust texts, change fonts and change colors. When you're done, tap the check mark at the top left. Then press the green button at the top right. You can save your design to your gallery and email it as an attachment when you click Save as image ticks. You can also send the card immediately by e-mail by clicking the option gmail to tap. It is also possible to immediately share your design with social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp and Pinterest. Did you know that you can work with two people on one design? Tap the icon with the two people at the top. Choose Send Edit Link and someone gets an invitation to edit the map.

Tip 03: Boomerang

Boomerang cards can often be found in cafes, they are generally funny cards with sometimes spicy texts. Boomerang's website has hundreds of e-cards that you can send to friends and family for free. Go to, click Holidays and choose one of the nice Christmas cards. You have the option to send the ticket by post, but if you click Send as e-card (free) click, you email it directly to the recipient. Enter your own name and e-mail address, as well as the name and e-mail address of the recipient and optionally enter a personal text under Personal message. You have the option to send the card anonymously if you check Send E-card anonymously sets. The recipient gets a link where he or she can see the card.

Some eCards

Another funny provider of Christmas cards is Some eCards, known for the memes you often see on Facebook. Go to, open the menu and click Christmas Season. The cards are intended to be shared on social media, which is why you will find a large Facebook share button. If you want to email a card to someone, click the share button next to it and choose the mail icon.

With your ticket will be shown directly in the html-mail

Tip 04: Traditional

If you prefer traditional Christmas cards, take a look here. The company normally sells antique items, but has a section with fancy e-cards. Click on the left Christmas Greetings and select one of the cards on the right. On the right-hand side you now enter your own details and the details of the recipient. You can type a personal message behind Your Message. Don't forget to get behind Please enter the code on the left enter the red code to the left of it. click on send and the card is sent to the right person. Unlike Boomerang's email, the card is shown directly in the HTML email. So the recipient does not need to open a link.

Not so nice Christmas cards

Kaspersky warns in their German-language blog against rogue senders who use Christmas cards to spread malware. Beware if you receive an e-mail that resembles an e-mail from Apple or Amazon, for example, and which states that you are entitled to a voucher. Check whether the email really comes from the company it says it comes from. What often happens is that instructions are referenced in a Word document. Never open, there may be a virus hidden in the file!

Even more fun than a digital Christmas card is a Christmas video with your own face!

Tip 05: Jib Jab (1)

Even more fun than a digital Christmas card is a Christmas video with your own face! You have probably seen such a nice video, and with the Jib Jab service you can make one yourself. The website has a few free versions, but for the nicest options you'll have to pull out your wallet. An annual subscription will cost you $24; not very cheap, but cheaper than sending 50 paper Christmas cards. You can send unlimited tickets all year round for this amount. Unfortunately, you do not immediately see which e-cards are free, but if you navigate here, you will see all the options. To sign up go to and click Sign Up. below Create Account Using Email enter all your details. At the top click on All and then choose the option Christmas. If you hover over one of the videos with your mouse, you will see how many faces you can add in the video. Some can have up to five different faces. click on Get Started to start making the video.

Jib Jab can also import photos from Instagram, Facebook or Google Photos

Tip 06: Jib Jab (2)

First select under Select a cast size how many different people you want to see in the video. You can preview the video by pressing the play button. click on Make card and press the plus sign to add a photo of your own face. You can use your PC's webcam, or select an appropriate photo from your hard drive. Jib Jab can also import photos from Instagram, Facebook or Google Photos. It works best if you take a photo taken from the front, with good contrast and a calm background. In the next step you will see that an oval figure is placed over your face. Position this mask over your own face as best you can. On the right you have two options: scale to make your photo bigger or smaller and Rotate to rotate your photo. The most important thing is that your mouth and eyes are exactly on the line. If the circumference of the mask is a little too big or too small for your head, this is not a disaster. If you are satisfied, click on Next. In the next step you put two triangles on the corners of your mouth. Place the circle exactly between your lips (or between your teeth if your teeth are visible). Place the square on the bottom of your chin. The animation now shows how your face opens and closes. click on Next and choose yes if you are satisfied. In the next step you can choose to add another person by clicking Add another face to click. If you only want to see yourself, choose Great, let's move on and the video is put together. Click now Share to share your video. Note, if you chose a paid video, you can only share it if you have a pro version of Jib Jab. click on Add a message if you want to add a personal message.

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