How to make a booklet in Word

An A5 booklet with texts and photos on both sides of the page? You really don't have to run to the local printer for that. After all, it seems more complicated than it actually is. Here we explain how to convert an A4 document into an A5 booklet in Word.

01 Set as booklet

For this project we will take an existing standard Word document and assume that the text and image are already completely ready. If you haven't created content yet, you can do that first in an ordinary Word document.

Finished? Then choose File / Print and choose at the bottom for Page settings. In the dialog, choose the tab margins in the selection menu next to Multiple pages in front of quire. If desired, you can also adjust the margins. Confirm with OK.

You can create a booklet via the page settings.

02 Check layout

Due to the change of the page settings, it is possible that the layout of your document has changed slightly. So return to your document and check it page by page. It is especially important to review photos thoroughly. Here and there it might be a bit more aesthetically pleasing to adjust the size of the images or change the text wrapping. Also make sure that the paragraphs come out nicely and that subheadings have not ended up on the last line of a page.

What about your front page? The best result is obtained if there is only a title on the first page. With the key combination Ctrl+Enter you enter a page break and you can distinguish the front page from the following pages. Increase the font size of the title and add a picture if desired.

Pay some attention to the front page and check your photos and tables.

03 Print

Before you start printing, you should check that a booklet always consists of a multiple of four pages. The last page may be blank, but it's ugly if the last three pages are left white. So enter an extra blank page on page 2 or rearrange your pages by resizing photos.

Then choose File / Print and click Single-sided printing to see the other options. If your printer supports duplex printing, you can choose this option here. If not, choose Manual Duplexprint and you have to turn your paper over and re-enter it afterwards.

Now all you have to do is choose the correct printer settings.

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