Wunderlist stops: these are good alternatives for your to-do-list

On May 6 this year, the plug will be officially pulled from Wunderlist by the new owner Microsoft. The lists app and site will then go offline and that means you will have to find an alternative before then. The faster you find it, the sooner you can start transferring your lists. We've found several great list programs to do just that.

To Do

Microsoft isn't crazy, of course: it doesn't just fire a program that belongs to it without having a place for users to go. It has developed To Do itself. It probably hopes To Do becomes what TikTok is to Musical.ly: a successor that actually does a better job and was developed by the same minds. It's been around for some time, but partly through the purchase of Wunderlist, Microsoft has made it even more like that app. You can add folders and subtasks in these list apps. You can of course share your lists and assign tasks to specific people. The big advantage is not only that it looks like Wunderlist: you can import your Wunderlist tasks.


While Trello has the disadvantage of not being able to "cross out" tasks, it does allow you to delete them or drag them to a "done" list. Trello is an app where you hang 'cards' under a row with a certain title. For example: "customers to approach", "customers who still have time to think about it" and "customers with whom we are already further". You can create a 'card' per customer, and put tasks within that card (possibly with a to-do list that you can check off). However, it is also possible to simply name a list 'to do' and give cards titles of your tasks. Trello works with handy labels and you can clearly and clearly assign a task to someone's name with the push of a button. Plus, Trello tracks every step, so you can always find out who did what with a task.


Unlike Trello, Todoist is really meant for to-do lists and tasks, but also works well in project form. You can set certain goals and see what the trends of productivity are, something that the other lists apps don't show in such detail. You can also import your Wunderlist list here, so that's a big advantage for switchers. What makes Todoist so great is its simplicity. It's not Trello that often needs five minutes of explanation at introduction: Todoist is pretty straightforward. However, if you want to make it more complex and extensive, that is always possible. What Todoist is less strong in, however, is in filtering and determining orders, because if you have a great need for that, we recommend To Do.


Not to be confused with TikTok: TickTick is a task management app. That means you can put a lot of lists in it. As the name suggests, it is an app that is mainly about time management. This way you can create a sort of countdown time bomb of your tasks, so that you stay focused and most productive. Especially if you are not someone who keeps a very tight time schedule but simply wants to have an x ‚Äč‚Äčnumber of tasks done somewhere that day, TickTick can offer solace. What's even better is that this app keeps track of what you do more often. So you can bet that you want to be reminded every day to inject insulin, or to check a certain website. It's very handy that it keeps coming back, so that you don't have to set a reminder yourself that you can forget in turn.

In short, there are so many lists to use as a to-do list that checking which one to choose is a to-do list task in itself. Nevertheless, it is wise to first take a good look at what help questions you have, so that you can choose the best app for your workflow based on that.

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