10 tips for downloading with usenet

There are now many interesting movie and music services that allow you to stream content in excellent quality. However, downloading is certainly not passé. For high quality files you still have to be on usenet! We tell you about the latest developments around this download network.

Tip 01: Usenet benefits

Although Netflix, Spotify, NPO, Deezer, Pathé Thuis, Tidal and similar services are quite successful, there is still plenty of reason to opt for an extensive download network such as usenet (newsgroups). With a subscription to a streaming service, you only temporarily download the files to a computer, tablet or smartphone, so that you do not own the files. Watching movies offline is therefore not possible. This is very difficult, for example, if you are often on the road with a laptop or tablet. Furthermore, the bandwidth via the internet is limited. Also read: Alternative video services to Netflix.

For that reason, Netflix will not be distributing a complete 50 GB Blu-ray anytime soon. The same applies to music, because no online music service offers high-res files with an audio quality of 24bits/48KHz or higher. Such quality files can be found frequently on Usenet. The current offer is also very tempting. New episodes of series that have recently been broadcast in the United States are currently not legally available in the Netherlands. In short, there is still plenty of reason to choose Usenet. Unfortunately, there are some caveats. Therefore, first read the Download Legislation box thoroughly and then decide whether you want to use this download network at your own risk.

Download legislation

Last year the legislation on downloading changed drastically. You are no longer allowed to download copyrighted files from illegal sources. Previously, this act was seen as a digital copy for personal use, but more than a year ago the European Court ruled that the Netherlands had to introduce a download ban.

As a result, the legal use of usenet is extremely limited, because there are few royalty-free files available on this download network. Copyright watchdog Stichting Brein currently focuses on the providers of illegal content, so the risk of sanctions currently seems small. Perhaps that will change in the near future when film and music companies take steps themselves. In Germany, for example, private downloaders regularly get lawyers on their roof, which then results in high fines after a short legal process. If you decide to download files with usenet, use is entirely at your own risk.

Tip 02: Usenet Access

Many downloaders think that using usenet is legal in all cases, because they pay money for their news server through a commercial usenet provider. However, that is a misconception. A paid news server only gives you access to the newsgroups in which movies and music are stored. However, it is other private users who illegally offer these media files via Usenet. The Usenet provider therefore has nothing to do with the content of the newsgroups.

Are you curious and would you like to browse the Usenet? Then take a look at which user providers offer a free trial subscription. Examples of this are Pure Usenet, NewsXS and SnelNL. After you have received data from the news server, you can get started! After the trial period, if you wish, you can take out a monthly subscription with the Usenet provider for a small amount of money. Pay attention to the maximum possible download speed and how long the files remain on the news server.

Tip 03: Download program

If you add the data from the news server to a suitable download program, you will be able to download media files from usenet. There is plenty of freeware available that makes this possible. SABnzbd is in our opinion the most pleasant program to work with with the most possibilities. Download the installation file for Windows, OS X, or Linux.

Once you have completed the installation procedure, the freeware will open in the browser. You choose Dutch and then confirm with Launch Wizard. Then fill in all the information from the news server, such as Server name, Port number, User name, password and Connections. If desired, you can download via an encrypted connection, so that third parties cannot see which files you are downloading. The news server must support this protocol. In that case, put a tick behind SSL and make sure you enter a compatible port number. Check the connection via Test Server. Finally, click a few times on Next one to go through the remaining steps of the wizard. There is no need to change anything.

Tip 04: Storage location

SABnzbd is now correctly configured to download downloads from usenet. Of course you would like to know where downloaded files end up. You set the desired folder for this yourself. Go to Setup / Folders. Bee Folder for processed downloads click the button Browse. Press the dots and browse to a suitable file location. Confirm with OK. You may also adjust the folder with the temporary downloads. Through Save SABnzbd saves all changes.

Tip 05: SpotLite

Now all you need is an nzb file of a movie, series or music album. When you add this file to SABnzbd, the download program retrieves the correct data from usenet. There are specialized nzb websites with which you can search for nice media files, such as www.binsearch.info and www.nzbindex.nl. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to find the right files, because of the use of strange file names. For better results, install the SpotLite community on your system. In this program, users inform each other about what is on offer, so that it is easier to find nice material.

Versions for Windows, OS X and Linux are available via www.spot-net.nl/spotlite. After installation, fill in the information of the news server. Also take a look at the other settings and finally click OK. It takes a while before the entire database is created. You can follow the status at the bottom.

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