A different font in Word and Excel

Do you not like the font that is used by default in Word and Excel? You can of course immediately select a different font when opening a document, but you can also set the programs so that they always start with a certain font.

Default font Excel

Changing the default font in Excel is very easy, it is simply a matter of knowing where the option is located. In Excel, click the tab File. At the very bottom of the left pane, click Options. Search for the cup now When new workbooks are created. Under this heading you will see the option Use this as default font along with a drop-down menu. Click on this menu and select the font you want to use from now on when you create a new document. Directly below that you can also specify the size of the font. click on OK and henceforth this font will be used.

PowerPoint default font

In PowerPoint this works a little differently than in Excel, and you will find the option for the default font in the menu Options fail to find. If you don't want to change the font for each slide, you can do this by adjusting the slide master. This model is (as the name suggests) a model for all other slides in the presentation. click on slide master at the top of the tab Image and then Fonts. Select the desired font and click Model viewClose. This font will now be used for all slides in this presentation. You can optionally save this presentation as a template (File / Save if, choose PowerPoint-template), so you can choose this template when you create a new document, so you don't have to repeat these actions.

Default font Word

You can also set a default font in Word, but this works slightly differently. Open Word and click in the tab Start on the small square with the diagonal arrow in the box Font style. The Font dialog box appears. Select the font, format, size, etc., then click . at the bottom left Set as Default. Now indicate whether it only applies to this document or all documents based on the default template. After this, the default font has been changed.

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