Edit video with Story Remix

Windows Movie Maker no longer exists. Instead, Microsoft has developed Story Remix. With this Windows 10 app you can make a nice video from your holiday photos or videos in no time.

1 Install

Story Remix is ​​not a separate program: you can find the function in the Photos app. You must have downloaded the Fall Creators Update of Windows 10 to do this. In most cases, Windows will warn you that you can download the update for free. If not, go here and click Download utility now. You can see if you have the Fall Creators Update installed on your system as with Start / Institutions / System / Info behind Version the number 1079 stands.

2 Start

Now open the Photos app. All your photos and videos are listed and sorted by date. The app scans your photos and can recognize certain things automatically. For example, search at the top City or Portrait and chances are the app will display the correct photos. You see that a new menu has been added with the name To make. Click on it and choose the option Video-remix to create a new Story Remix. The next step is to select items to add to your video.

3 Add items

Choose the photos or videos you want to use by clicking the square at the top right. When you are done selecting, choose Add. You can also change the display of your photos and videos by clicking on one of the three icons at the top. Story Remix now automatically creates a video of your items without you having to do anything. Play the video by pressing the play button, if the app doesn't already play it by itself.

4 Remix

Of course you can now edit your video and adjust it to your own liking, but the nice thing about Story Remix is ​​that you can also just let the app make a new proposal. To do this, click on the big blue button with the recycle icon. The order of the items is changed, the filter that overlies all photos is adjusted and the music is also selected again. You can hit the remix button as many times as you want. If you want to go back to a previous remix, click Undo.

5 Edit

When you see a version you like, it's time to dive into the editing options. Choose Edit video and a new window will open. At the top you'll see the photos and videos you've already added to your project. At the bottom you see the order of the items and at the top right you can play the end result. Story Remix calls these items clips. If you want to start all over again, choose under the video for Delete everything. You now need to re-import all the clips to your project.

6 Change order

At the bottom you see a timeline with all individual clips. You can change the order by grabbing a photo and dragging it to another place in your timeline. If you want to add an extra photo or video, click at the top left on Add pictures. You can also resize the entire video. Widescreen is selected by default, but if you click at the top 16:9 landscape click, you can also choose 4:3 for example. Choose standingto make if you want your video in portrait mode.

7 Theme

You can change the entire theme of your video. This affects all filters, text styles and music. So it's useful to choose a theme first before editing individual clips. click on Themes and choose one of the options below. Wait a few seconds and play your video to see what your remix looks like now. Finished? Then it's time to completely adjust your video to your own wishes. Each change starts by selecting one of the clips at the bottom.

8 Expensive and cut

At the bottom of each photo or video, you can see how long it will be shown in the final video. By default, this is 3 seconds, but you can of course also choose to display a clip shorter or longer. To do this, select the relevant photo or video and choose Duration. You can choose from 1, 2, 3, 5 or 7 seconds, but you can also enter a value yourself. There is no limit to the duration of a view. If you have added a video file, the button will change Duration in To cut. Here you can determine the start and end point of your video.

9 Filter

Story Remix automatically adds a filter to your photo or video, but of course you can adjust that. You will find a lot of Instagram-like filters when you click on a clip and for Filters chooses. Choose one of the options on the right and you'll immediately see a preview of what your photo or video will look like with the chosen filter. If you are satisfied, click at the top Ready. Rest assured, you can always go back to a clip and adjust the filter.

10 Text

It is possible to add a text per clip. Click on Text. In the next window, type your text at the top; it is immediately shown in the example on the left. You can also give a text an animation style. The clip must be longer than 2 seconds for this. You have a few options with different styles or fonts. below Choose your layout Then decide where you want the text to appear. Click again Ready to confirm your changes.

11 Movement

In your video example, you have already seen that your photos are not displayed statically, but that Story Remix automatically added camera movements. You can choose a different camera movement for each clip. For this click on Movement. On the right you now see the available options. At the option Pan to the left For example, you can see that the camera moves slowly from right to left. An option if Zoom in on center means the camera is slowly zooming in on the center point of your photo.

12 3D Effects

A nice feature is that you can watch videos 3D Effects can add. Click on 3D effects and on the right you will see an overview of all the effects that Story Remix offers. You can add multiple effects to a clip by clicking the plus sign. To edit an effect, click on the pencil. rear Volume determine whether you want the effect to make a sound. With the buttons next to the square you control exactly how and where the effect appears. At the bottom you will find a slider that allows you to determine how long and where in your clip the effect appears.

13 Music

At the end you can decide whether you want to add music to your video or whether you want to adjust the automatically added music. Click on at the top Music and choose one of the default music files by clicking below Recommended clicking on a song. Press the play button to play the music file. You can also add a song from your own library by clicking Yourmusic to click. Choose Ready to add the music to the video.

14 Export

Give your project a name at the top New onesvideo click and enter a name. When you are completely satisfied with your video, click at the top Export or share. The app now gives you three options: s, m or l. For small videos that you want to attach to an email, ideally choose s, but if you want to play your video on a big screen, go for the option l. Wait a few seconds and the next screen will show the path where you can find the video on your hard drive. You can also share your video right from here.

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