This is how you play online music on your old MP3 player

Streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer have a huge music collection that you can use well, but you can't escape the occasional song that can't be found on your favorite streaming service. For example via YouTube or Soundcloud. And then? You can download music and put it on an MP3 player.

Tip 1: YouTube

To get a song from a streaming service on your computer as an MP3 file, you don't need any additional software. Surf to and find your favorite song. Click on the address bar of your browser and use the right mouse button to copy the address. Now go to the dedicated download website Right click on the existing field and choose To stick. click on Download file from URL and choose the desired audio format (mp3, OGG, AAC or WMA) and bitrate. For a fast, but high-quality conversion, choose 128K.

click onConvert Fileto start the service. The website creates an mp3 for you to download. The same trick also works for Vimeo. It is even possible to download the entire YouTube video instead of music. In this article we explain how that works.

Services like show a lot of advertising in your browser. This can cause you to accidentally click on a wrong link. It is recommended to visit the site with an adblocker.

Tip 2: SoundCloud

Download websites for streaming services are sometimes suddenly unreachable, for example after 'threats' from the industry. This can cause a website to stop working. If goes down, you can also use // for YouTube. For SoundCloud, and is a good website. Some songs on SoundCloud have a download button. If you find the download button next to a song, this is of course the fastest way to download the mp3 file.

Tip 3: To the MP3 player

Now that you have an MP3 file, you can put it on your MP3 player. This is easiest via Windows Explorer (USB cable or memory card), but that is usually only possible with 'nameless equipment'. Many Android devices have the option to insert a microSD card. If you have an (old) iPod or iPhone and want to put your music on it, you need iTunes. If your old Apple device is not recognized by iTunes as your device, you can use an alternative manager like DuperCopy.

Pay attention: this article is described for demonstration purposes only. It is of course not allowed to go against the guidelines of rightholders and streaming services.

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