Create your own Facebook group in 10 steps

In addition to a personal profile, you can also create a group on Facebook. The biggest advantage is that you can communicate with each other in a closed circle. Very handy for your sports club, hobby club or family, because only the group members get to see the messages in the Facebook group.

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Tip 01: Create a group

To create a Facebook group, you also need a personal Facebook profile. Once you are logged in with your personal profile, click on your home page on the left side Create group in the category Groups.

Then you choose a group name and then you can enter the names or email addresses of the people you want to send an invitation. It is enough to enter the first letter of their name. Facebook will then display suggestions from your own friends list. Of course you can later send many more people an invitation for a membership.

Profile, page or group?

You can create a profile, a group and a page on Facebook. A profile is for one person, a group allows people with similar interests to talk in one place and a page allows an organization, company, famous person or brand to communicate with fans. Your own profile is always the starting point. You cannot create a group or page without a personal profile.

Tip 02: Set privacy

One of the first choices you have to make when creating a group is privacy. After all, there are three types of groups: public, private and secret. The members and posts in a public group are visible to everyone. You can create such a group, for example, if you want to set up a fan club for an artist or sports club. However, most groups are private. That means anyone can find the group, but only the members can see the posts. The difference with a secret group is that non-members cannot even find out that such a group exists at all. The group privacy can be adjusted later, unless you have more than 5,000 members. Then you can only switch to a more limited setting, for example from public to private or from private to secret.

You choose the privacy of your Facebook group: public, private or secret

Tip 03: First steps

After you have made your choice in terms of privacy, click on To make. Then you can choose another icon for your group. Continue with OK. Your group is now created and looks a bit like a profile at first glance. You can easily add a cover photo via Upload photo or Choose photo. You publish a message in exactly the same way as on your own profile page. You write something in the text box and you optionally add a photo, emotion or location. Even tagging someone is possible. For this you simply use the icons at the bottom of the text box. Very useful is that in groups with less than 250 members you can see which group members have viewed a message. You can even pin an important message to the top of the page. Note that you can only pin one message to the top of the page. You do this by clicking on the small gray arrow in the right corner after publishing the message and then for Pin message to choose. To undo this, choose unpin message.

Tip 04: Special messages

Have you just finished a party and would you like to share some photos with the attendees? A private group is also ideal for that. At the top of the text box bar, tap Photo/video and then you choose Create photo/video album. Then select all the photos you want to upload. You can give the album a title, add a location to it, rearrange the order of the photos, tag members and add captions for each photo. You can also place video fragments in the album. Once you're done, click Places.

did you also have the pollDid you notice the button? This allows you to ask a multiple choice question to the members of your group. After typing the question, click Add poll optionsplease. Such a poll is ideal if, for example, you want to set a date, buy a joint gift or if you want to check the interests of your members.

Tip 05: Group Chat

A very interesting feature is the group chat. This will start a conversation with all members of your group. You simply click Start new chat on the right side of the group page and then you check some members or choose Select All / Start Chat. Not only the administrator of the group can start a chat. This option is available to all members of the group. In the chat window you can add additional members with the plus sign. Through Options / Leave group you can leave the conversation. Note that depending on the size of the group, you may not be able to start a chat that everyone can join. Currently, Facebook is even experimenting with group video chats.

You can reach many members at once via a Facebook group chat

Become a member yourself

On these pages we are mainly talking about creating and managing your own Facebook group. Of course you can also join other Facebook groups yourself. On the left side of the page under the heading Groups you will see an overview of the groups you manage and the groups of which you are already a member. Click on the heading Groups. Through To discover you get among other things Suggested groups, Groups of friends, Local groups, Buy and sell groups to see. Are you looking for a specific group, for example one with FC Barcelona fans? Enter your search query in the white bar at the top and click Find more results for (…) and click through to the Groupstab to get an overview of all existing groups. You're just one click away from a membership request: Join.

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