A new desktop every day in Windows 10

As a Windows 10 user, you will have noticed that your login screen shows very nice photos. These so-called 'spotlight images' are loaded over the internet and stored in a strange way that makes them impossible to use. In this article you can read how you can enjoy a fresh desktop background from the spotlight collection every day, namely with the free app Spotbright.

Step 1: Strange Files

The photos that Windows 10 brings in for your login screen are stored in a special folder. With a long command (also found here), open the correct folder in Windows Explorer:


Anyone who takes the trouble to view this folder will quickly notice that the folder does not seem to contain any images. With all kinds of scripts you can rename the files to still recognize them as photo files, but it could be simpler. To do this, install Spotbright from the Store (Microsoft's app store). Also read: 13 tips to customize the look of Windows 10.

Step 2: Spotbright

Launch Spotbright and go to Settings. Bee picturesearch do you choose landscapeonly. This ensures that you only download landscape photos. Disable the following options: Periodiccally update lockscreen, Periodiccally update live title and Periodiccallyupdatedesktopwallpaper. The latter is especially important, as it prevents Spotbright from swapping your desktop background for you. We will arrange this in Windows itself because you have more options there.

Close the Spotbright settings with the arrow at the top left of the screen. click on Searchpictures to put Spotbright to work. Also use the button if you want to update the spotlight photos. The app downloads the photos to your computer. Open via Open download location the folder where the photos are stored and remember this location.

Step 3: Auto Swap

Now that you have downloaded the photos, you can set them as your desktop background. Use the key combination Windows key+I (Settings) and go to Personal Settings / Wallpaper. Change the setting under Background nasty Slideshow and browse to choose the folder where Spotbright stores your images. Bee Imagemodify each you can indicate how often you want to see a new photo. For example, choose 30minutes or (for a little more rest) 1day. Toggle the option Randomorder in for the best variety.

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