Watch streams later? Download them or record them

Streaming services are extremely popular because of their low-threshold nature. You click on a nice film or series, after which you immediately see an image. The downside of this is that you always need access to (fast) internet. This is not always available at the campsite or on the plane. Moreover, abroad you often have to deal with regional restrictions. In short, enough reason to sometimes drop some nice videos on your laptop or tablet. This way you can watch streams later.

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As soon as you stream a movie or series, your computer, tablet, game console or smart TV constantly downloads a small piece from the internet. During playback, the playback device then fetches the rest and stores this portion in a buffer. The advantage of this technology is that you don't have to save the entire media file before you can start watching. After the movie or series has ended, streaming services erase the relevant media file from your system again. Also read: Get the most out of Netflix with these 12 super handy tips.

This is a wonderful method for Netflix, Videoland, NPO Missed, YouTube and other streaming video providers. They only give away the media files temporarily, so that users cannot share them among themselves. Consumers experience little hindrance from this approach. After all, broadband internet is widely available and waiting times are usually short. Yet everyone sometimes ends up in situations where there is no (fast) internet available. Consider, for example, the limited bandwidth at a campsite, expensive Wi-Fi costs in a hotel or flights without accompanying Wi-Fi hotspots. To be on the safe side, store your favorite media files locally as well.


Can you download streams? And what about recording? Good questions to which we give short answers. Copyrighted media files on download networks like usenet and bittorrent are illegal. You can't officially download it. Ripping television programs and YouTube streams via GemistDownloader is also prohibited. However, the risk of problems is negligible. Until now, Stichting Brein only tackles the providers of media files. A gray area, however, is recording streams through a program like PlayOn. Netflix titles, for example, are copyrighted, but can you record the streams or not? Provided you have a paid account and do not share the media files with others, you probably run little risk. Finally, you can also record television broadcasts with a hard disk recorder, for example via Ziggo's Horizon Mediabox. Recording with PlayOn is more or less comparable, since you pay neatly for the Netflix subscription.

01 Offline Mode

It would be great if the most popular streaming services introduce an offline mode. Before you board the plane, get all the episodes ready. Netflix recently started offering such a feature in its iOS and Android mobile apps. Unfortunately, this function is not available for all films and series. In practice, it turns out to be difficult to introduce such a function across the board, because Netflix needs permission from film companies to offer titles offline. Videoland has also recently started offering an offline mode. The rollout of this new feature is being phased in, so you won't be able to download all titles right away. In addition to some video services, almost all music services also have an offline mode built in. Examples include Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Apple Music and Google Play Music.

YouTube Go/Red

YouTube recently introduced the YouTube Go mobile app in India, which allows you to save videos to watch on the go (connections are pretty bad in India). There is also a paid variant of the popular streaming service under the name YouTube Red. It also allows users to download videos to their computer or mobile device. Unfortunately, both YouTube Go and Red are not (yet) available in the Netherlands. Later in this article you will read how you can easily rip YouTube videos.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a major competitor of Netflix in the United States. This service has an interesting catalog of online films and series, where the company also offers its own productions. Since 2015, Amazon Prime has included a function to store video material locally, so that you can also watch in places without an internet connection. According to strong rumors, Amazon will soon introduce a Dutch version of its streaming service.

02 MissedDownloader

If you want to store television programs locally, the MissedDownloader software is your best friend. This accessible program easily downloads streams from all known missed services. Visit here to download the freeware. After the installation, you determine from which missed service you want to pick up a broadcast. You can choose between NPO, RTL XL, KIJK and YouTube. It is important that you copy the url of the broadcast. You can arrange this by opening the relevant television program in RTL XL, for example, and copying the full URL into the address bar. After pasting the web address into MissedDownloader, choose Further. The program retrieves information from the broadcast. Indicate in which file format you want to save the video file and choose the desired quality. Through Save to select a storage folder on your PC. Finally, confirm with Start downloading. MissedDownloader neatly lists the expected download time.

03 Multiple broadcasts

For example, if you want to save an entire season of a television program, it is cumbersome to download the broadcasts one by one. Fortunately, you can easily place them in a download list with MissedDownloader. As soon as you have entered the correct url of a broadcast, choose at the bottom for Add to queue. Then click New download to add an additional broadcast. When you have prepared all episodes, click on the blue arrow at the bottom right. Bee After download Optionally, set the computer to shut down automatically after the download process. Finally, choose Start downloading.

04 Rip Online

In addition to saving television programs, you also use MissedDownloader to save YouTube videos. You can even save some videos in Ultra HD quality (2160p). Don't feel like installing a separate application for this? There are also countless websites that allow you to rip video material from YouTube. Just surf to this Dutch-language website. Open a nice YouTube video in another window or tab of your browser and copy the url in the address bar. Then paste the web address into the empty input field of click on Download. Then decide in which video format you want to save the video and use the correct download link. Please note that this website supports a resolution of up to 720p. If you want a higher resolution, you can consider the English website There is in the form of pop-ups all kinds of annoying advertising present.

Browser extension

Do you regularly scour the web looking for fun videos? With the browser extension Video DownloadHelper, for example, you can save them very easily. This plugin is currently only available for Chrome and Firefox. In addition, the makers are lobbying to get Video DownloadHelper ready for Edge. Visit to install the extension. After installation, a new icon will appear in the toolbar. This icon consists of three colored spheres, which will rotate when an online video is detected. Click on it and then choose which video file you want to save. Video DownloadHelper works for YouTube, Dailymotion and Facebook, among others.

05 Download Missed

A Dutch developer has built a web application with which you can directly save episodes of NPO Gemist and RTL XL. Handy, because you don't have to install a program. Open the website and paste the url of the broadcast in the empty input field. You also set the desired video quality. You can choose between low, medium and high. It is nice that this web service stores streams from RTL XL in a resolution of 720p. Click at the bottom Additionaloptions. Via the option Download tt888 subtitles Provide the broadcast with Dutch subtitles if necessary. Incidentally, that only works for television programs from NPO Missed. You leave the other options unchanged. Confirm with Download the video. Downloadmissed then saves the video file on your computer.

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