Hide YouTube videos from others

Uploading many videos to YouTube at the same time is a snap. But do you really want the whole world to be able to enjoy your (holiday) movies? You can also limit the videos to a small audience or just yourself.

Go to www.youtube.com and log in with your username and password. Then click on your username at the top right and choose Videos. Next to your sent videos you will see whether they are hidden or public.

In addition to your videos, you can see whether they are public or private.

To adjust the privacy settings, click below the video on To process. Go to the window Broadcast and share options and set it to the desired option. You can choose from three different options. Public: This way anyone can see the video and it will be included in YouTube search results. Hidden: Anyone with the link can watch the video, but it won't be included in YouTube's search engine. Or Privately: only people you grant access can view the video. Access can be given by means of a YouTube username or e-mail address.

By means of a YouTube username or e-mail address, you can specify exactly who can view the video.

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