What should you do if Windows Update doesn't work?

Usually Windows Update works fine, but it can happen that the tool gets stuck while updating. Very annoying of course, because you want to keep your new Windows 10 completely up-to-date. What should you do in such a case?

If Windows Update hangs at a certain percentage while updating, chances are the tool has entered a loop. Before you decide that it actually freezes, you have to wait quite some time, because sometimes the progress bar gets stuck for a while and then suddenly moves forward very quickly. If you seem to be having problems with Windows Update during the download phase, it's best to first check that it's not your internet speed. Also read: Cleaning Windows 10 in an instant.

If you've decided that the process is hanging too long and that the problem is really Windows Update itself, you can reset the update by using Command Prompt.

type Command Prompt in the search bar in the launch bar next to the home button. Right click on the app in the search results and select Run as administrator.

Then Command Prompt will open, and you can run the command just stop wuauserv enter to stop the update. Press Enter to execute the command. Then type net stop bits and press again Enter. The update is now completely stopped, breaking the loop. You can now close Command Prompt.

Open the Explorer and go to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution. Delete the files and/or folders that are in this folder, but make sure to leave the folder itself. If you can't delete some files because they are in use, you should restart your PC and try again. Restart your computer once you have successfully deleted the entire contents of the folder.

Then try running Windows Update again. Most likely, the process will no longer get stuck.

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