This is how you change the app icons in Android

Android offers many possibilities for personalization. This way you can not only simply change your wallpaper, but even install and personalize whole new launchers. But did you know that you can also adjust the appearance of the app icons to your own taste? You can change your app icons in Android with the tips below.

Changing app icons in Android can be done in two ways. As we mentioned before, you can completely change the look of your phone by installing and personalizing a launcher yourself. The other way to change your app icons is to download a special icon pack for this.

Change app icons with a launcher

We previously made an article about the 5 best launchers for Android. To customize the look of your phone, you can choose one of these launchers. But of course there are many more options in the Playstore. Check the reviews of other users to see how you like the launcher in question and also check whether the app itself is compatible with your device.

After you have installed the launcher of your choice, it will automatically ask if you want to set the app as the default. For this article we will use the Nova Launcher. In this app you can adjust almost everything to your own taste. For example, you can determine the shape of your app icons yourself by selecting Nova Launcher Settings thereafter icon style to select. By adjusting the sliders, you can create your own round, square or even oval icons. In addition, you can also adjust whether you want to see the apps all side by side, or whether you want to display them in a list. Create your own color scheme by matching background colors with the color of the descriptions and you are well on your way. If you've never worked with a launcher before, it's going to take some puzzling to master all the options and functions.

Change app icons with an app

Are you really looking for a completely different look for your app icons? Then you can also download an icon pack. These packs can also be used in combination with the Nova launcher. This way you can make even more adjustments.

With an app, changing the appearance of your app icons is an easy job. You simply download an app with icons that appeal to you, or that offer the possibility to add your own images to the icons. Examples of icon pack apps are Viral iconpack, Awesome Icons and Icon changer. In these apps you can select the app whose icon you want to change. Then choose a desired replacement icon, or take a photo yourself. Awesome Icons also allows you to load multiple icon packs and then choose from all available icons.

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