Ten best apps for smart TVs

A smart TV can be extremely useful, especially when you download the right apps and make optimal use of them in this way. While the apps on smart TVs aren't quite as hit as they are for other smart devices, they're definitely something to keep an eye on. These are the ten best apps for your smart TV.

Many of the apps available for smart TVs are (obviously) centered around the idea of ​​watching TV and movies. There are also a number of apps available for smart TVs for music lovers. For all apps you need a working internet/wifi connection to use the streaming services. Many of the operating systems for smart TVs are frequently adapted and changed, which may affect the availability of some apps on your type of TV.


The widely used streaming service of films and series can be viewed via all your devices. If you have a smart TV, you can also download an app to watch your favorite movies and series via this app.

There are now even smart TVs that have a special Netflix button on the remote control. Is your TV still before the Netflix era? Then download this app on your TV to easily access everyone's favorite streaming service.


We will stay in the context of streaming services for a while, because YouTube should of course not be missing from this list. The app gives you access to your favorite YouTube channels and now you can watch these videos on a large screen thanks to your smart TV.

Google Play Movies

If you somehow have some Google Play credit left, you can of course spend it on apps for your phone or tablet. However, what you can also do is watch a movie of it on Google Play Movies. You can easily download this app on all your devices and therefore also on your smart TV.

You can rent or buy a movie at Google Play Movies. If you rent it, the movie will disappear from your library after you watch it. When you buy the film, it will of course remain standing, but the price of the film is also higher.

With the Google Play Movies app you have a digital video library on your smart TV, as it were.


A Spotify app is also available for some TVs (for example, Samsung smart TVs made after 2015). So if you would like to stream your music of your choice, the Spotify app is an ideal solution.

Is the Spotify app not supported by your type of TV? Then see if you can download the Pandora app. This is also a music streaming service and like Spotify, it registers your music preferences based on what you like or dislike.

Video country

Videoland is a film and series streaming service from RTL. Videoland works on the same principle as Netflix: you take an account for which you pay a monthly amount. This allows you to watch as many movies and series as you want.

Because the platform is from RTL, Videoland's offer is aimed at the Dutch market. RTL series can therefore be (re)watched here. But of course the platform also offers international films and series.

Amazon Prime Video

As you will notice by now, there are streaming services everywhere that are popping up like mushrooms. Amazon Prime Video is also a service for which you can put an app on your smart TV.

Amazon Prime Video has about the same kind of offer as Netflix and this streaming service also produces its own 'originals' like Netflix does. An extra of this service is that you can easily and quickly get more information about background facts about the actor and/or film in question.


It seems not so long ago that we thought video calling via a large screen was still a futuristic idea. If you have a smart TV that includes a webcam, this is no longer a dream for you. With the Skype app you can chat and call from your couch and see the person you are calling in widescreen format!

NPO Start

Do you want access to all programs of the public broadcaster? Then download the NPO start app and get access to the video-on-demand service of the NPO. Here you can watch or simply rewatch programs that have been broadcast.

Smart TV remote/my Tifi

One of the many advantages of having a smart TV is not only being able to watch movies and series endlessly, but also being able to operate your smart TV more easily. With the apps Smart TV remote (Android) and my Tifi (iOS) you can turn your smartphone into a remote control with which you can easily switch from channel to channel or scroll endlessly between the Netflix offer. Also useful if you often lose your remote control.


The NOS has also made an app available for (most) smart TVs. With this app you not only read the latest news, but you also watch the most recently made videos. This app also includes the latest traffic conditions. Handy if you like to check the news before work. You can also easily watch live streams via the NOS app. This way you are always aware of the latest news, without, for example, annoying star advertisements.

Social media

Obviously, almost all social media channels also have an app available for your smart TV. So do you want to be able to admire your aunt's holiday photos in full costume? Download the Facebook app and scroll through your news feed via your TV. The same applies to Twitter, for example, with which you can read your latest tweets at a glance.


Some smart TVs offer the option of gaming via your television. You do not need a separate console for this. These games often ask to be controlled with a controller, although some of the available games can also be controlled with your remote control. To see whether your TV offers such a service, look in the smart environment of your TV under 'games'.

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